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Energy & Sustainability Minor


The Energy and Sustainability minor is designed to provide  an interdisciplinary approach to broad issues in energy and sustainability. The minor will educate students on the basics of energy sources, fossil fuels, and the future of energy. In addition to a common introductory and capstone course, the minor offers a blend of courses in technology, business, engineering, architecture, social science, and natural science.

Coursework will focus on topics such as existing, transitional, and alternative energy sources, as well as energy and sustainability from the perspectives of economics and business, engineering and technology, architecture and design, and public policy and education.

The minor is housed in the Honors College, but students do not have to be in Honors to join. It is an interdisciplinary collaboration with colleges and departments across campus, and students of all majors are encouraged to apply. Students may take the introductory course without declaring the minor.
Energy and Sustainability Minor (Interdisciplinary - Open to All Majors on Campus).

Hear more about the E&S Minor on the Honors College Podcast

Requirements to Declare:

Applicants must have a 2.5+ cumulative GPA of 15+ hours at UH and must be a classified sophomore (30-59 hours) to declare the Energy and Sustainability minor as of April 2015.

Apply digitally, email Rita Sirrieh,, or visit Rita Sirrieh in room L212B, Honors College in the M.D. Anderson Library to apply in person.

GPA Requirements:

A 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA in our courses attempted for the minor are required for graduation.  All attempted courses from the courses listed below are used toward the calculation.

Required courses:

  1. ENRG 3310:  Introduction to Energy & Sustainability (Ongjen Miljanic) TTh 1-2:30pm
  2. ENRG 4320: Capstone Course for Energy & Sustainability minor: Students also have the option to meet the capstone requirement with a research project in an independent study class.


An updated list of approved electives for the Energy & Sustainability minor can be found on the Honors College E&S courses page.  You may petition for other courses to count as electives.  A note explaining why the course should count with a course outline should accompany the petition. 

Energy & Sustainability Minor Faculty Advisory Board

Joe Pratt, History/Business,

Suryanaanan Radhakrisknan, Business,

Ognjen Miljanic, Chemistry,

Ani Bose, Technology,

Ryan Kennedy, Political Science,

Leonard Bachman, Architecture,

William Epling, Chemical Engineering,

Terry Hallmar, Honors/Political Scien,

Tom Holley, Petroleum Engineering,

Rita Sirrieh, Honors,

Kairn Klieman, History,

Sarah Kelly, Office of Sustainability,

Andrew Hamilton, NSM,

David Rainbow, Honors,

Ed Hirs, Economics,

Student Associations

Energy Coalition