UH Public Art Collection

Virtual Tour

virtual tourIn 1966, The University of Houston established a policy that would dedicate one per cent of the construction cost of all future building projects for works of art. The University believed a public art program would greatly enhance the campus as well as the prestige of the University. UH was the first Texas state institution to establish a percent for art program and currently has one of the largest and most impressive university art collections in the country, which includes more than 400 works of art. The collection contains works by local, regional, national, and international artists, across all forms of media and style. With many projects in the works, the University of Houston’s Public Art Collection will remain one of the strongest in the country for years to come.

Click here to get a taste of just a few of the pieces on the UH Campus, and please email mguidry3@uh.edu if you are planning a visit and would like to see more.

Public Art Guide

The Public Art Guide is available at the Blaffer Art Museum and visitor booths on the University of Houston campus and includes highlights of the Collection as well as self-guided walking tours. Download the PDF.


For further information you can contact Michael Guidry, Curator of the University Art Collection at 713-743-5315.

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