About UH Arts

UH Arts

Leading Creativity
UH Arts programs nurture creativity, develop young talent, and engage the public through live performances, art and design exhibitions, community programs, literary publications, and innovative artistic collaborations on campus and throughout the city of Houston.

UH Arts is a Destination
The UH Arts district is an exciting and accessible cultural destination. On any given evening, visitors may be delighted by  world-class art exhibits, live performances and thought-provoking lectures. Weather permitting, visitors may also enjoy live performances and events in the newly developed Wilhelmina Grove. All of these choices are located within steps from one another less than ten minutes from downtown Houston.

UH Arts Inspires Excellence
The University of Houston is a designated Tier One research university with strong programs in every discipline. The growth of UH Arts reflects the deep connection between art and science, requiring creative problem solving, intense focus and enthusiasm for fresh ideas.  UH Arts fuels the innovation that happens on a daily basis across the campus.

The Mission of UH Arts 

UH Arts programs ignite the imagination, and advance the talents and skills that shape contemporary culture. We strive to advance the creative process through partnerships and collaborations across the University’s various disciplines, make the arts a part of every student’s university experience and contribute to Houston’s cultural vitality.