Learning Resources

UH Writing Center
Writing provides the tools to discover and articulate solutions to intellectual problems, improved writing remains a continual goal of university education.

Mathematics Help
Help materials for both traditional and online courses.

Latest study strategies and writing techniques.

Center for Academic Support and Assessment
CASA was designed by the Department of Mathematics to provide academic support to its students. CASA offers two main services: that of tutoring and testing.

Learning Support Services
Study Strategies Handouts.

International Student and Scholar Services
International Student and Scholar Services advances the goals of Global Strategies and Studies by providing for the special needs of international students and exchange visitors related to their status as non-immigrants of the United States.

Financial Resources

Costs & Financial Aid
Concerned about paying for your education at the University of Houston? Think of it as an investment in your future. Whether you’re an undergraduate or a graduate student, a UH education will pay for itself many times over in higher earnings and expanded opportunities throughout your life.

Looking for ways to fund your education? If you can demonstrate academic excellence and leadership, you may qualify for a UH scholarship at the University of Houston.

My Safe Campus
MySafeCampus® is the best way for you to communicate anonymously and confidentially to make your workplace safer and more productive.

UH Call Center
The UH Call Center offers flexible scheduling (5 days a week!!!) to allow students to work around both their academic and personal schedules!