UEP Student Membership

How to apply

Applications for admission to the Urban Experience Program are available in the link below, you may bring it to the UEP Office located on the second floor of the OB Hall Room 250G, or you may email it to Uepuh@central.uh.edu

After the application is completed and returned, a personal interview will be arranged once we have contacted you by Phone or email


  • Minimum Requirements
  • Admission to the University of Houston
    main campus
  • Financial need as determined by FAFSA and/or Pell grant eligibility
  • Completion of Application I
    Personal Data Form
  • Personal interview
  • Recommendation letters
  • First or second generation to attend college
  • Personal obstacles, academic problems, and/or family difficulties
  • No GPA requirement
    Individual circumstances considered


The Urban Experience Program's goal is to provide 20 students with grants for the fall, spring, and summer semesters."

EELAA grant will be open for submission in January 2015. Please review and complete Criteria before applying in January 2015.


  1. All applicants must be enrolling or currently enrolled at the University of Houston. There is not a GPA requirement; however, GPA will determine types of resources offered.
  2. Be a participant in the UEP Program (Join at any time before deadline and fulfill event and Program requirements)
  3. Meet with the director at least twice
  4. Applicants are expected to attend UEP events / programs and meet monthly with their student leader liaison or the Director to review their academic action plan.
    1. Attend the required 4 events
    2. Turn in attendance report
      1. Report should verify Event name, attendance with signature from event coordinator and date.
  5. Complete SMART goal
    1. Detailed SMART goal guidelines should be established to determine participant’s progress and future eligibility.
  6. Demonstrate need as established by FAFSA determined by UH Financial Aid Department
  7. Be at risk of abandoning educational pursuits and about objectives


Internship opportunities are offered by our network of community partners year-round. We also have continuous summer internship opportunities available for July and August to work with our youth camps. Please stop by our office for more information."