Raven Jones


As Director of the UEP, Raven will help enhance the quality of education for students in the program. Dr. Jones career also includes experiences as a researcher, program developer and trainer. Her doctoral research focused on the cultural resources within urban communities that can be utilized to improve the resiliency and psychological development of underrepresented adolescents.

Dr. Jones has served as an instructor at the University of Houston and as a facilitator for the Quality Urban Education for Students and Teachers (QUEST).  In addition, she served as the chairman for the Campus Based Leadership Team in the Fort Bend Independent School District and the program co-coordinator for the Accelerated Curriculum through Technology (ACTT) Program.

Daneiva Lovett

Graduate Assistant

Being a native Texan, I am proud to return to my home after studying at the University of Washington in Seattle for the past few years. I received my degree in Communications and double minored in Education and Diversity Studies. While studying I realized my potential to become a leader in education and soon felt a desire to seek necessary social justice in education for underserved and under-represented students in my community. At the University of Washington I worked for the Educational Opportunity Program as a Student Associate and volunteered as a leader for a student run organization called Dream Project, assisting economically and socially disadvantaged youth as they transition from high school to college.

I believe that diversity and education for all is important in our constantly changing and pluralistic society. I am seeking a Master’s in Higher Education at the University of Houston because I believe it is an important step in achieving my goal of becoming a leader in education. I already have a passion for helping others and a strong desire to inspire social change, but beyond that I believe being a part of the Urban Experience Program will allow me to gain further knowledge and skills that will equip me to serve communities in the greater Houston area.

Jer-Rin Turner

Student Leader
Speech & Language Pathology