Raven Jones


As Director of the Urban Experience Program, Dr. Jones enhances the quality of education for UH students within the UEP program. As an avid researcher, program developer, and trainer, Dr. Jones’s research concentrates on the cultural resources within urban communities that can be utilized to improve the resiliency and psychological development of underrepresented students. Though the program, Dr. Jones prevents minor obstacles from becoming major setbacks to degree achievement.

Daneiva Lovett

Graduate Assistant

A native Texan, Daneiva returned to continue her studies in Higher Education after graduating from the University of Washington in Seattle. During her undergraduate studies, she worked for the Educational Opportunity Program as a Student Associate and also worked with the Dream Project. She graduated with a dual degree in Communications and double minored in Education and Diversity Studies. In her role as the Graduate Assistant for the Urban Experience Program, she advises DACA students in their pursuit to of degree completion.

Jer-Rin Turner

Student Assistant
A native of Dallas, TX, Jer-Rin is pursuing a major in communication disorders with a focus in audiology. She is a student leader for UEP as well as across the University of Houston campus. Currnently, Jer-Rin serves as a resident assistant for campus housing, is an executive board member of NAACP. In her spare time, Jer-Rin enjoys crafting, serving her community, listening to music and trying new things.

Nneamaka Njokede

Student Assistant
Nneamaka Njokede is a pre-pharmacy student at the University of Houston. She represents UEP as a student assistant and NAACP at the University of Houston as their president. Nneamaka was born in Nigeria but raised in Dallas Texas. In her free time, Nneamaka enjoys dancing, planning student programs and empowering her peers. As a current junior, Nneamaka cannot wait to graduate and begin pharmacy school.

Dalinda Oliver

Student Assistant
A senior from Dallas, TX, Dalinda serves as a Student Leader in the Urban Experience program. In the Bauer College of Business, Dalinda is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and also minoring in sales through the Program for Excellence and Selling. She is a first generation college student which contributes to her enjoyment and success as student leader in UEP.

Tillanye Stewart

Outreach Assistant
Tillanye Stewart is the Outreach Coordinator for the Urban Experience program. Here at the University, she is a junior with a double major in both Business Management and Human Resource Development. Tillanye is also a Houston native. Interesting fact… her name is on the recognition wall in Moody Towers.

Joseph Gallegos

Outreach Assistant
Joseph Gallegos is senior, majoring in Communications Public Relations. He is currently the outreach specialist for the Urban Experience Program. In addition to work for UEP Joseph also serves on the Homecoming board as an Assistant Director of Marketing and as an Ambassador for the Valenti School of Communications. When he’s not out being productive, Joseph likes to drink coffee with friends and watch TV series.