What is the Urban Experience Program?

UEP represents a dynamic mix of abilities, academic preparation, social, ethnic, national origin, regional, age and gender diversity. Some of the UEP students have personal or family situations that present obstacles to success. Many of the UEP students held multiple jobs this year while maintaining a full-course load. Overall, the students who succeeded did so by overcoming overwhelming adversities.

Academic Excellence

Providing a personalized, comprehensive support program for participants to maximize their academic potential.

  • Tutorials
  • Learning styles and career assessments
  • Guaranteed 4.0 learning system
  • One-on-one support system
  • Referral/liaison for students and other department on campus

Financial Stability

  • Grants
  • Financial empowerment workshops in partnership w/money management international, UH financial aid department, and UBS financial services
  • Jobs and internships
  • UEP is unique

UEP membership includes:

  • International students
  • No G.P.A requirement to join
  • Students of all classifications
  • Students of all majors
  • UEP focuses on the needs of the individual student