About Us

The spirit of the Urban Experience Program (UEP) equals the 4 E’s: Encourage, Enlighten, Empower and Embrace. The spirit of the UEP program promotes self-esteem and a culture of caring, compassion and competence.

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Target Populations

Primary groups or individuals

  • Students receiving the Federal Pell Grant
  • Project Grad Students (HISD program for 1st generation in college students)
  • Foster care students who have aged out of the state system
  • First-generation college students
  • Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) participants (foster care students)
  • “Beat the Odds” students (Children’s Defense Fund program)
  • University Outreach students (college prep for first generation low income students)
  • Students without a network of support

Students seeking an enriched and progressive environment

  • Students seeking an encouraging environment, open dialogue, and individual attention in an intellectually stimulating, welcoming and lively atmosphere
  • Students seeking problem-solving in a non-judgmental setting of acceptance and advocacy
  • Students interested in internships and community service
  • Students interested in leadership opportunities and collaborative activities
  • Students awarded College Work Study or wish to be awarded College Work Study

Students with urgent or critical needs

  • Students with academic issues- (academic warning, probation, suspension)
  • Students with physical or medical challenges
  • Students with unmet financial need as determined by FASFA

Actions and Programming

Academic Support

  • Grade and academic progress monitoring
  • Individual tutoring and referrals
  • Mentoring workshops and networking opportunities
  • Career assessment in collaboration with University Career Services
  • Guaranteed 4.0 workshop (Partnership with PROMES)

Personal Support

  • Grant opportunities
  • Financial literacy workshops in partnership with credit unions and banks
  • Personal individualized counseling and advising
  • Social support and encouragement from the UEP Friends and Family network
  • Referrals to appropriate public and private entities, as well as UH individuals, organizations, programs or departments as needed to secure discounted or free health services, clothing, furniture, food or food stamps or transportation.

Engagement and Leadership

  • Internship opportunities in the community and on the campus
  • The AmeriCorps Initiative has the Potential for Loan Forgiveness, Medical benefits, Stipend and “Green Careers”
  • Organized events and publications; examples include:
    • Hosting best-selling author Lisa Nicholas (author donates to UEP)
    • Co-Sponsoring award winning documentary, Price Amongst Slaves, the true story of an African prince captured and forced to live as a slave in the American south. Attended by 1200. A 7th generation descendant of the Prince lives in Houston and spoke.  (Producer and media company donated to UEP)
    • Helped produce the all student production, Undergrad the Musical, attended by more than 1200 people.
    • Creating the UEP newsletter
    • Hosting Mentoring Forums :
      • Fall 2011 campus forum with the mayor of Houston, Annise Parker.
      • Spring 2012 – Dr. Bernard Harris, First Black astronaut to walk in space