University Commission on Women

The Difference-Maker Award is online.
You can recognize the efforts of someone on the UH campus that supports and contributes to women’s advancement or opportunity!

2013 Awards and Scholarships Recipients Announcement

The University Commission on Women, a presidentially-appointed commission, is pleased to release the second edition of the Status of Women at the University of Houston: Students, Staff, and Faculty report. Authored by three commission members, the report documents the status of female staff, faculty, and staff on campus. The report reveals that women have made some progress since the issuance of the first report in 2007, but also documents some areas where women still lag behind their male counterparts. For instance, there are continued disparities in the number of full professor positions and staff, faculty and coaches’ salaries. The report concludes with a series of recommendations for the campus community to consider adopting to increase equity for women on campus. Download your PDF copy.

The University Commission on Women is responsible for informing and advising the President and other senior administrative leaders, as well as the general university community, on issues and concerns that have an impact on women at the University of Houston. The Commission reports to the President of the University of Houston. Two priority objectives adopted by the Commission are (1) to retain strong faculty and (2) to create a family-friendly environment.

Our mission includes: identifying the concerns of women at the University; promoting gender equality throughout all areas of the University community; recommending to the appropriate administrative offices ways to address the concerns of women at the University; communicating and collaborating with other committees and organizations to provide support, advocacy, and information regarding women's issues; and raising awareness regarding behaviors, actions, issues, policies, and procedures that affect the 
status of women.

Our 2014 goals include:

  • Promote faculty advancement by: sponsoring the UCW Faculty Awards; promoting and communicating findings from the Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey for tenured and tenure-track faculty; continuing to support the First Tuesday lunch gatherings for Women Faculty; and supporting the New Faculty Brownbag events which provide training to new faculty at UH on issues related to research and teaching.
  • Continue to advocate staff advancement by: sponsoring the UCW Staff Award and Staff Scholarships; establishing a lunch gathering for women staff members to provide networking and informational topics.

  • Support issues pertaining to children on campus, including: examining the needs of the UH Children's Learning Centers and raising the level of facilities to a Tier One status; investigating the possibility of a mildly ill child care program on campus; and continuing to provide resource information to parents online.
  • Continue to review existing and explore new policies, reports and initiatives relevant to our mission, including: examining options to make sexual harassment training mandatory for all graduate students; indicating support for the addition of a Women’s Studies major; and examining options for supporting a full-time position for the LGBT Resource Center’s director. 
  • The “Difference-Maker Awards” will be established as a means to acknowledge a faculty, staff, student or administrator who’s formal or informal efforts contribute toward supporting the goals of the UCW.