Difference-Maker Award

Recognizing those in the UH community that support and contribute to women’s advancement or opportunity.

Please complete the Difference Maker Nomination Award form below. Provide as much information as you are able to within the 100 word allowance under each section.

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1. How does this individual’s work support the University commission on Women’s goals? (The equality throughout all areas of the University community; recommending to the appropriate administrative offices ways to address the concerns of women at the University; communicating and collaborating with other committees and organizations to provide support, advocacy, and information regarding women’s issues; and raising awareness regarding behaviors, actions, issues, policies, and procedures that affect the status of women.)


2. Why should this individual be honored as a Difference-Maker? Please describer her/his contribution to women or gender equity, and why you believe this contribution should be recognized.


You will receive an email response to confirm your nomination has been received. Thank you for your nomination and support of Women’s issues.