Job Search

UCS offers an array of services for students and alumni in this phase of their career development. Assistance in sharpening your networking skills, conducting informational interviews, writing an effective resume, preparing for interviews, sourcing job leads, using IT resources, and, in general, organizing your job search campaign, are available.

Cougar Pathway

Cougar Pathway offers access to part-time and full-time job listings, including on-campus, internship, and career-level positions via the Job Postings tab. Log into Cougar Pathway


To apply for a College Work-Study (CWS) position, on or off-campus, you must have received and accepted your Work-Study award through your Financial Aid account. To obtain the award, you will need to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year. For more information about FAFSA, please contact Financial Aid. To search for a CWS approved position, log into Cougar Pathway.