On-Campus Recruitment

What is Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment (on-campus interviews) is a service that brings company recruiters to campus in the Fall and Spring semesters to interview UH students and alumni for full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities. This service is open to all majors and all classifications.

To search employers interviewing on campus and to submit your resume, log on.

Username/Password Information:

  • If this is the first time to log on to your account, your Username is myUH ID (PeopleSoft ID). Your Password is your last name.
  • If you have previously logged on to your account, your Username is myUH ID (PeopleSoft ID). Your Password remains unchanged from the one you selected.

Once you are logged onto the UCS website, click on the Campus Recruitment link.

Campus Recruitment Interviewing Scheduling and Policies

University Career Services (UCS) coordinates more than 200 corporate recruitment visits each year for the purpose of providing interview opportunities for UH students and alumni. Campus Recruitment offers a convenient setting for UH job candidates to interview with employers from a wide variety of industries and fields. This service is open to all majors and classifications.

Requirements to participate in Campus Recruitment

  • Complete a Campus Recruitment Workshop (CRW). There are two options: complete the online tutorial by clicking the Online CRW link located on the UCS website under the Campus Recruitment section; OR attend a workshop at UCS – a schedule of these workshops is listed under the Events Calendar link. Note: Credit for the CRW is good for one calendar year.
  • Register with ResumeBank. To register with ResumeBank, click the ResumeBank link on the UCS website and proceed to complete the “Data File” and upload at least one resume. (Note: You may upload up as many as four resumes).  Click here for more information on ResumeBank.

Types of Interview Schedules

  • Pre-Selection: Most interview schedules are set up as Pre-selection Schedules. The pre-selection process involves the following: 1) the employer reviews the resumes of candidates who submitted their interview request (resume), 2) the employer selects the candidates they wish to interview, and 3) UCS schedules the interview times for these candidates.
  • Room Only Schedules: When employers attend an event such as a career fair, they may set up a schedule to interview potential candidates they meet. These schedules are either set up at the career fair for interviews the next day, or set up at a later date by the employer or UCS.

Find Employers Interviewing on Campus

The list of employers scheduled to recruit during the semester can be viewed by conducting a search from the Employer Search & Interview Request link. You may search for all employers scheduled to recruit during a specific semester or a specific recruitment period by selecting the appropriate period from the drop down menu. Other search criteria include semester, recruitment period, employer name, information sessions/receptions, etc. From the search results you may access the employer’s interview requirements by clicking the Schedule ID link.

Submitting Interview Requests

  • Submitting an interview request: After viewing the list of employers and positions, and identified those of interest to you, submit an interview request or resume for consideration. Click the Sign-Up Period/Submit Interview Request link from the Employer Search & Interview Request Results page. The “Interview Request” screen will follow.
  • Preferred interview times and resume: Select your top three preferred interview times, and our scheduling system will always attempt to accommodate these preferred interview times first. If you have more than one resume, select which one you would like to have sent to the employer. Finally, click the Submit link to complete your request.
  • When submitting an interview request, please observe the employer’s requirements for degree, major, graduation date, and citizenship status. It is unlikely that you will be pre-selected unless your qualifications closely match the criteria as specified in the Interview Requirements.

Deadlines for Submitting Interview Requests

  • Campus Recruitment is divided into ten or twelve one-week recruitment periods that run throughout the semester. Each of the recruitment periods has a corresponding date when the final list of employers will be published and a deadline to submit interview requests.
  • Click here for the recruitment periods and deadlines or click on the Important CR Dates link from the main Campus Recruitment page. You may submit interview requests for all companies scheduled throughout the semester up until 11:59pm on the specific deadline for each period.
  • Note: If an employer requests to have the deadline extended for their schedule, this date will be reflected on the Employer Search Results page under the Sign-up Period Submit Interview Request column.

Candidate Interview Log

  • This log is the official record of your interview requests, along with the status of each request.
  • It is recommended that you view this log daily to ensure you are aware of the status of all of your interview requests – meaning, whether or not you have been pre-selected for an interview.
  • Email notifications will normally be sent, but it is strongly suggested that you check your Interview Log as your primary source of information about your interviews as emails could go to your spam.

Interview Request Statuses

  • Pending Status: The status of your interview requests will remain Pending on your Interview Log until UCS has received and processed the list of interview candidates from the employer. UCS will not know the status of your interview request until the employer has provided this information.

    If the status of your interview request is still “Pending” three days before the interview date, contact UCS for further information about the interview schedule.
  • Pre- Select Status: When an employer has selected to interview with you, the status of your interview request will change to Pre-Select. Your interview date and time will be reflected under the My Interview Date/Time column of your Interview Log.
  • Not Pre-Select Status: Should an employer not pre-select you, the status of your interview request will change to Not Pre-Select.
  • Alternate Status: This means you do not have a scheduled interview date and time. If someone on the interview schedule cancels, UCS will contact you to see if you are interested in interviewing during this open timeslot.

Employer Receptions

  • Some employers will host a reception the day prior to their interviews, and the purpose of this event is to provide information about the company. If you are selected for an interview, you are strongly encouraged to attend as this is another resource to prepare you for the interview.
  • The structure of these events typically include: presentation of the company, question and answer session, followed by informal discussion with company representatives.
  • Check the reception information and invitation requirements listed under the employer’s “Interview Requirements” page.
  • These events are another avenue for employers to evaluate you; consequently, put yourself in the interview mindset!

Change or Cancel an Interview

  • An interview time can be changed by clicking the View Schedule Times link from your Interview Log. Then, click on any Open link to change your interview time.
  • Should you determine that you are no longer interested in interviewing with a company, you may cancel a pending interview request or a scheduled interview time by clicking the Cancel link on your Interview Log.
  • The deadline to change or cancel an interview is 1:00pm one business day before the interview date.

No-Shows and Late Cancellations

UCS has a no-tolerance policy regarding no-shows or last minute cancellations.

If you miss the deadline to cancel an interview, or don’t show up for a scheduled interview, you will be considered a No-Show. This means that you will not be able to schedule further interviews for the remainder of the year.

You can appeal a No-Show by contacting UCS at (713)743-5100.

Day of the Interview Tips

UCS is located in the Student Service Center 1, 1st floor; building #524 on the UH Campus Map.

  • Be prepared for your interview by having researched the company ahead of time, and formulating questions to ask the interviewer
  • On the day of your interview, you will go to the Campus Recruitment Center - Room 156 and sign-in.
  • Arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to your interview time.
  • Dress for success! Pay attention to the employer's request for appropriate interview attire (listed in the employer's interview requirements).
  • Bring copies of your transcript if you have not completed the Transpro section of ResumeBank. You may want to also bring copies of your resume.
  • During the interview, obtain a business card from the interviewer(s), and follow-up the interview with a thank you letter or email.
  • Please note! Your interview starts the moment you walk into the University Career Services office. You never know when an interviewer or an employer’s greeter is observing your actions.

For more tips, click here to view the Campus Recruitment Checklist