What is Pre-Law?

“Pre-law” is any studies or activities that help prepare you for law school.  Pre-law is not a major at the University of Houston, though the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences does have a “Pre-Law Track” within the Liberal Studies Major. For more details about this program, click here. There is no prescribed or preferred major for students who want to become lawyers.  Instead there are certain skills and types of knowledge that will train you best for law school.  These include:

  • Analytical reasoning
  • Critical thinking
  • Close-reading
  • Written and oral communication
  • Understanding of structures of society and government
  • Research
  • Organization and time management

The best “Pre-Law” preparation for law school will involve choosing a major that relates best to your interests and abilities and that helps develop the previously mentioned skills.

Your task as a pre-law student is to make an informed choice as to your career direction. It is recommended that you receive exposure to the field prior to entrance into law school. To test your interest in the law, you should also engage in practical learning opportunities such as internships or volunteering.  Research the profession with recommended books and by conducting informational interviews with professionals.  You may also want to join student organizations to share ideas and questions with student who are also interested in a career in law.