Student Employment

Faculty/Staff may post a campus job for a College Work–Study (CWS) position or a Non–CWS position. Within the posting, you will be able to indicate the position type. Please indicate University of Houston - Faculty/Staff as the Industry and the department name as the organization. All jobs are posted for 30 days at a time.

Student Employee of the Year

STUDENT EMPLOYMENT WEEK: 2nd full week of April

Departments across campus may nominate one of their student employees for the year by completing the nomination form. There will be a Campus Leaders Reception in April, where one of the chosen students will be recognized to represent as the institutional level then proceed to the regional level for Student Employee of the Year. Nominations will be accepted in the spring, please check back for updates.

Ways to Celebrate National Student Employment Week

University Career Services would like to encourage you to plan activities within your department to recognize your student employees’ contributions.