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University Career Services can assist you in a variety of ways, from providing you with resources that can help your students explore careers, prepare for an employment or graduate school search, or develop professional skills necessary for the world of work. As a faculty member, you play an important role in encouraging your students to consider their cougar pathways to career success and becoming active participants in their own career development by informing them about our services and events.

If you are looking for resource information on careers, jobs, industries, employers, and related topics for class presentations and/or workshops, there is a wealth of material available at UCS. We recommend that you start by contact your college’s liaison career counselor(s) for any information you may be seeking. You can find which counselors serve which college by visiting the UCS Staff Profiles. Below you can find some common information requested by other faculty/staff.

Career counselors are also able to assist you with in-class presentations/workshops, as well as a variety of other services. We currently work with several faculty partners across colleges to assist with their course content by providing mock interviews, resume critiques, personal statement critiques, and group vocational assessment interpretations. UCS is happy to assist you with planning your curriculum to incorporate your ideas for professional development and career exploration into your syllabus.

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