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The University of Houston is one of the nation’s most diverse urban research universities, and is a Carnegie-Designated Tier One public research university. In addition, more than seventy percent of UH students work while attending classes, which prepares them to make an immediate contribution to your organization.

University Career Services at the University of Houston can connect you to this high-quality, talented pool of UH students and alumni. Our services are available to all majors and classifications and to UH alumni. Whether you are looking to fill career-level positions, internships, or part-time jobs, we offer personalized services to assist you in targeting the right candidates for your organization and to build a presence on campus.

The UCS Employer Development and Relations staff looks forward to working with you to make your recruiting efforts a success at the University of Houston.

Theresa Cyr
Assistant Director for Employer Development and Relations

Lauren Moore
Employer Relations Coordinator

Hire a Cougar

University of Houston students and alumni represent a vast, skilled, and diverse pool of job candidates. The services described below are coordinated by University Career Services (UCS) and are designed to assist employers in meeting their human resource needs. Whether you are looking to hire part-time employees, internship candidates, new graduates, or experienced alumni, UCS is poised to help you identify the most qualified candidates in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible. Thank you for considering University of Houston students and graduates for your position vacancies.

Contact: Theresa Cyr at (713)743-5095 or tcyr@uh.edu
Contact: Lauren Moore at (713) 743-5098 or lmoore@uh.edu

Job Bank

A free job posting service that enables employers to post job openings online for part-time, full-time, internship, and all levels of experience positions.

Students and alumni registered with UCS, and who have the majors you specified, receive an automatic email notification once you post your position(s). Students and alumni can view the job postings, and apply based on the application options you select. If you select the Apply Onlineoption, students can apply through the UCS website, and you can view their resumes from your posting. In addition, employers will receive an email notification as students apply, and you can track the number of applicants your posting has attracted.

Job Posting Policy: University Career Services reserves the right to determine posting eligibility and delete job postings deemed unsuitable in case such as a posting that does not include an active website and company email address or a position is commission only.

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Resume Bank

This is a free online service that enables employers to conduct resume searches for potential job candidates for part-time, full-time, internship, and all levels of experience positions.

Resume searches may be more effective for targeting job candidates with specific skills and qualifications, and you can contact the student or alum directly. If you determine a candidate is a fit, you are welcome to interview these candidates here in our office.

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Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment is a convenient service that provides employer the opportunity to interviews outstanding UH students and alumni for degree-level or internship positions.

Employers can post position(s) online and specify requirements such as degree and major, screen applicants, and select the candidates you wish to interview. If you meet potential candidates at a career fair or information session, you are welcome to add them to your final list of interview candidates. You select the candidates you wish to interview and we handle the logistics.

The process to interview on campus takes approximately four weeks from the time your position is posted, UCS coordinates the announcement of your visit and potential candidates submit their resumes, you review and select interview candidates, and the actual interview date. Interviews take place at University Career Services between 8:30am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Click here for more information about Campus Recruitment

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Information Sessions and Receptions

Information sessions and receptions provide employers with an opportunity to showcase your organization and to network with UH students and alumni.

Typically, the purpose of an information sessions is to promote your organization, and may be held: 1) during the resume submission period as a way to collect resumes of potential interview candidates, or 2) without an on-campus interview date as a way to build your brand on campus.

Receptions are generally held the night before your on-campus interview date, and are intended for the candidates on your interview schedule. The purpose of a reception is to provide job candidates with information about your organization, employment opportunities and career paths. The time normally spent providing this information during the interview is freed up, and allows you the opportunity to focus on the candidates.

These events are typically scheduled Monday through Thursday between 4 pm - 8pm, and  generally last one to two hours. Refreshments such as cokes, cookies, pizza, or hors d’ oeuvres may be provided but are optional.

Advertisement options: directly inviting candidates, and placing an ad in the Daily Cougar (on campus newspaper), providing UCS with flyers to distribute to applicable colleges, and inviting student organizations.

To make arrangements for a room, audio/visual equipment, and/or food, contact one of the following offices on our campus:

University Center
(room and audio/visual)
University Hilton
(room, audio/visual, and catering)
Bauer College of Business
business students only
(room and audio/visual)
Catering on Cullen (832)842-5998
McAllister’s Deli (713)743-3391


Provide effective recruiting tools for employers and real-world learning experiences for students. UCS coordinates internship opportunities for students of all academic majors. Internship candidates may be recruited through Job Bank, Resume Bank, or Campus Recruitment.

Job Shadowing

Invite a group of students to visit your office for a day or half day to showcase your company, and to show students what their desired career field or industry is really like. Employers can help students explore specific career paths, make professional connections, and see first-hand the work done by professionals in their chosen field. Employers can select the dates they would like to host students, what majors they would like to target, and how many students they would like to invite for the purposes of career exploration and networking.

Career Fairs

Career fairs are another way to meet potential candidates. UCS hosts a variety of career fairs to assist students and alumni to network with employers from all industries.

In addition, UCS co-sponsors the Texas Job Fair held during the spring semester, and this job fair is hosted by a 15 Houston area college consortium. For more information, visit www.haccc.org/TexasJobFair.htm. All of these career fairs are open to students and alumni from all majors.

Additional career fairs are sponsored by specific colleges each semester. Click here for a complete list of upcoming UH career fairs

Alumni Career Services

If you are looking for experienced candidates, consider recruiting University of Houston alumni.

Employers may target recent graduates and/or experienced candidates, and recruit by posting positions in Job Bank, searching resumes through Resume Bank, conduct on-campus interviews through Campus Recruitment, and/or attend UCS career fairs.

Contact Information: James Mable, Assistant Director of Alumni Career Services, jmable@uh.edu, 713.743.5094

College Work-Study Program

Some non-profit employers are eligible to hire students who have been awarded College Work-Study as part of their financial aid package. The student's salary is paid by the Federal or State government to supplement their financial need for college. If your organization would like to be considered as a College Work-Study employer, please contact the office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at (832) 842-3704.

Contact Information: Jazel Borja, Student Employment Coordinator, jfborja@uh.edu, 713.743.5123