On-Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment, or on-campus interviews, is a convenient service that allows brings company recruiters to interview UH students and alumni for full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities. UCS services all majors and all classifications, and therefore, you can maximize your time interviewing candidates from multiple colleges all in one place.

New Employers

To have access to all of the UCS online services, click here to create an employer account

Returning Employers

  • If you previously participated in Campus Recruitment, or utilized other services on the UCS website, please log on with your existing username and password. If you have forgotten your username and password, contact Theresa Cyr at (713) 743-5095 or tcyr@uh.edu.

Steps to Scheduling On-Campus Interviews

  • Schedule an Interview Date
  • Submit Interview Requirements and Job Description
  • Review Resumes and Select Candidates
  • View the Interview Schedule
  • Day of Your Interviews

Schedule an Interview Date

Once you are logged onto the UCS website, click on the Campus Recruitment link.

  • From the CR Calendar, select the desired month and year. The calendar will display the Campus Recruitment dates and the number of rooms available each day.
  • Click the Reserve Room(s) link under the desired date/year. From the Request Interview Dates page, check the appropriate date box, and select the total number of rooms needed. (Ex. If you need an extra room as a work room or for HR staff, add one extra room to your total number of rooms needed.)
  • Include any special instructions in the Comment/Instructions box if applicable.
  • Reserve Dates link at bottom - Choose this option if you wish to submit your request for an interview date only and are not ready to submit your interview requirements.
  • Reserve Dates & Add Requirements link – Choose this option if you are ready to submit your interview date request and complete the Interview Requirements form.

Submit Interview Requirements and Job Description

Once you are logged onto the UCS website, click on the Campus Recruitment link and then click the My Reservations link (left-hand side of screen).

  • Next, click on the Schedule ID link. Then enter your schedule requirements into the Submit/Edit Interview Requirement form.
  • To create the job description details, click on the add/edit link (right-hand side of screen). From the pop-up window, complete Step 1 Create Template(s).Note: If you already have created a template, skip to the next step.
  • From the pop-up window, complete Step 2 Create/Add Positions by clicking the Create/Add Position(s) link and select the desired template from the dropdown menu. Check the accuracy of the information provided from the template. Then click the Create Position link at bottom of page to attach the position to the Interview Requirements page. Note: You will need to refresh the screen by clicking the Retry link that will pop up.
  • Once the position is attached, the site will return to the Submit/Edit Interview Requirements page.

Then enter the remaining interview requirements:

  • Select the begin and end interview time of the interviews
  • Select the appropriate number of rooms under the Rooms Taken column that are needed for the schedule/position
  • Select the interview length (15, 20, 30, 45, or 60 minutes)
  • Select the begin and end lunch time
  • If you plan to host an information session/reception, click on the appropriate radio button once you’ve entered the event details (See instructions on the next page)
  • Check the appropriate box(s) of information candidates should provide the day of the interviews
  • Check your preference of the candidates’ attire for the interview (professional or business casual)
  • Check the appropriate box(s) of information you will provide UCS before the interviews
  • Other Notes for Students – if you have any special application instructions or additional information for candidates, provide the details in this section

Once the form is entirely completed, click on the Submit Interview Requirementslink (at bottom of page). The requirements are then submitted to University Career Services for review and approval. If there are any questions, we will contact you before making the schedule information available to candidates.

Interview Schedule Set Up Tips

In deciding how to set up your schedules, think in terms of how you’d like to receive your resumes.

  • When you have multiple positions, can the resumes be lumped together? If this is the case, you can attach multiple positions under one schedule ID.
  • If you need to receive the candidate resumes in batches (ex. for each position), set up a separate schedule id for each batch.
  • Resumes will be separated out in batches based on the schedule ID(s). 
  • To set up another schedule ID and add another set of interview requirements/job description for a different position, click onto one of the Schedule ID numbers from the My Reservations page. Then scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and click on the Create New Interview Requirement link. A new schedule id will appear on your My Reservations page.

Information Sessions / Receptions

To create information session/reception details within the Interview Requirements form, click on Create New Reception link. This will take you to the Create/Delete/Add Reception for Schedule pop-up window. Next, click on the Create Reception link to pull up the form and enter the event details.

  • Select the appropriate date.
  • Select the time start and time end for the event.
  • Attire – select the preference of the candidates’ attire: (professional or business casual).
  • Invitation – Select whether the event is open to any interested candidates, or only for the candidates you pre-selected.
  • Enter the location, building, room of the event.
  • Any special notes regarding the event should be entered in the comments textbox.
  • Click on the Create Reception link to save the details.
  • Finally, select the appropriate radio button within the Interview Requirements form to make the details available to candidates.

Note: If you do not have all of the information session/reception details at the time you set up your schedules, please forward these details to Theresa Cyr.

To make your arrangements for an information session or reception, click Setting up an Information Session or Reception to view details on how to reserve a location and catering options.

Review Resumes and Select Candidates

  • Once you are logged onto the UCS website, click on the Campus Recruitment link, and then on the MyReservations link.
  • Click on the # of Pre-Selects link (under View Pre-Selects column) for the appropriate schedule ID and position.
  • To review candidates’ information, click on the candidate’s name. The first screen is a summary of the candidates’ qualifications. Click on the Resume link (at the top of the page) to view the candidate’s resume, and click on the Transpro link to view the candidate’s unofficial transcript (if available).
  • To select candidates, click on the appropriate Select radio button.
  • In addition, if you find candidates at events such as a career fair, you are welcome to add them as an Other Pre-select. From the Pre-Select Candidates page, click on the Add Other Pre-Select Candidate link and provide the required information for each candidate: student’s name, phone numbers, and email address. UCS will contact these additional candidates and add them to your schedules.
  • Tip: To avoid empty interview slots, you can select alternates in case a pre-select candidate needs to cancel their interview. To select a candidate as an alternate, click on the Alternate radio button.
  • Save or Submit the Final Pre-select Candidate List:
    • Click on Save Pre-Selection List if you have selected some candidates but wish to complete the pre-selection process at a later time. OR
    • Click on Submit Final Pre-Selection List once you have completed pre-selecting your candidates.

Once your Pre-Candidate List is submitted, UCS will begin scheduling your interview candidates.

Note:Any candidates you meet at an event such as a career fair will take additional time to schedule.

View the Interview Schedule

To view the schedule and scheduled interview candidates:

  • Click on the Campus Recruitment link
  • Click on the My Reservations link
  • Click on the View link under the Interview Schedule(s) column to view the schedule(s).

Important! Students can make interview time changes and cancellations up until 1:00 pm the day before the interviews. Therefore, we recommend you review your schedule after this time to ensure you have the most current information.

Day of Your Interviews

  • Parking is available in the University Hilton Parking Garage or the Welcome Center Parking Garage at the corner of Calhoun and University Drive. Click here for Directions and Parking Information.
  • University Career Services is in the Student Service Center 1, first floor, which is #524 on the UH Campus Map http://www.uh.edu/maps/.
  • When you arrive, check-in at the UCS front desk, and someone will provide you with an interview packet and escort you to your interview room.
  • Our office is open between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  • Bring supplies: business cards, company literature, applications, giveaways, etc.
  • Obtain applications and transcripts that students may leave at the UCS front desk before leaving (if applicable).