Hello UH Alums!

Whether you have graduated this year or in years past, we can all agree, things have changed since the Great Recession of 2008. Rarely do you see lines of candidates wrapped around a building waiting for an interview. What is more common now are the virtual lines of candidates who have applied for a position online and are waiting for a call back/response from the employer. In this new environment, certain skills regarding resumes, interviews, networking, etc… have to be enhanced and used more strategically when looking for a job or starting a career.

Career Services Tips

The R in Resume

Employers will only spend a few brief moments scanning a resume before making a decision to advance your resume to the next round which could include a phone or face to face interview. This is a very crucial part of the application process; hiring managers vetting resumes in order to call candidates for interviews. As mentioned before, the candidate pool might be rather large so your resume must be credible (absolutely no grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors), professional, competitive, and unique in nature when compared with other resumes. I can assist you with the preparation of your resume to ensure it empowers and helps you achieve your employment goals. Contact Alumni Career Services for resume assistance.

The Interview

Getting an interview is not a guarantee so when you receive that much anticipated phone call for one, a part of you may feel as if you were offered the job! However, this means you have passed the first filter; your resume was approved and intrigued the employer. Next, your interviewing skills will be put to the test. It is important to understand why you were contacted for an interview; you have the minimum qualifications for the position and the employer wants to verify your qualifications by engaging you in person. At this point, you are convincing the employer, through the interviewing process, that you are the most qualified for the position. How to answer questions about experience/salary, being aware of verbal/ nonverbal cues, your attire, being knowledgeable about your resume and the employer, etc…, is vital to having a successful interview. These and other topics can be discussed during a counseling session and simulated in a mock interview with me.

The Net in Networking

Due to the competitive job market, it is more important than ever for you to consider having a professional online presence and for you to be able to go out on a limb and meet new people in the field/industry you are pursuing. Meeting these new people can start on Linked In, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or at relevant events in the community. This is just another valuable tool that will help you with your job search. Valuable friendships can be developed through networking and this can prove valuable in the future when finding employment or deciding on a career change. It is important to know the ground rules when establishing an online presence. I can discuss this further with you and University Career Services’ online presence and ways for you to get involved and participate in future networking events.

These are just some of the topics and services I can provide and discuss with you. More are listed below:

  • Taking vocational assessments
  • Clarifying your career goals
  • Polishing your resume
  • Researching companies and industries
  • Seeking out professional development opportunities
  • Joining LinkedIn
  • Attending networking events
  • Crafting cover letters
  • Participating in a mock interview