Alumni Career Service Plans

There are three alumni service plans available through UCS. According to our records, you are presently classified in Plan I. Please refer to the table below for a breakdown of services. You may upgrade to a different service plan at any time.


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Alumni Plan I


Alumni Plan II

$35 / year

Alumni Plan III

$75 / year
Online Services
Resume Bank No Yes Yes
Job Bank No Yes Yes
CareerShift No Yes Yes
Campus Recruitment No Yes Yes
University Career Advisory Network Yes Yes Yes
Career Development Handouts Yes Yes Yes
On Campus Services
Career Assessment and Vocational Testing No No Yes
Individual Career Counseling and Job Search Assistance No No Yes
Mock Interview No No Yes
Workshops Yes Yes Yes
Career Fairs Yes Yes Yes
Review of Services Consultation Yes Yes Yes

Service Details

Resume Bank
Resume Bank is a web-based resume database developed by UCS and used by alumni to apply to Job Bank postings online with a stored resume, as well as by employers and authorized faculty and staff who are searching for qualified candidates’ resumes. To register, you must complete the Data File on-line. You may choose to receive e-mail notification of campus interview opportunities related to your interests or major. Using Resume Bank, you can track which companies you have applied to and which employers have pulled your resume. Log-in to access Resume Bank or for additional information.

Job Bank
A web-based job posting and retrieval service. Alumni have the option to use the search criteria for targeted positions or search for all available positions posted. Jobs are posted for 30-days or until the job is filled, whichever occurs first.

CareerShift is the latest job search tool that is specifically designed for students and alumni looking to conduct their job search in one central location online. This new feature will give you access to the employee directory of most companies including contact information. It serves as a powerful job search engine that is managed by you from the creating and uploading of resumes to your profile to emailing the resume to contacts to the coordinated email campaign started and created by you.

Campus Recruitment
Alumni interested in interviewing on campus must register with ResumeBank and attend a Campus Recruitment Workshop. Generally, employers who are seeking entry-level candidates use Campus Recruitment. Recent alumni, however, are regarded by many employers as entry-level candidates. Alumni with more than two years job experience may find that opportunities via this venue are limited. Contact information for any company recruiting on campus will be provided to alumni upon request. If you have questions regarding the Campus Recruitment service, please contact a career counselor at UCS.

University Career Advisory Network
The University Career Advisory Network, UCAN, links UH students and alumni with volunteer advisors representing a wide variety of occupational fields and experience levels. Network advisors can help you discover what a career or job in a particular field is really like; what academic and experiential preparation is best for a given career; how people find jobs in certain career fields; what the best sources of job leads are; what a certain geographic area is like; and other useful career and job-search information. Access UCAN from LinkedIn.

Career Development Handouts
Career related handouts such as "Choosing a Major/Career", "The Successful Job Search", "The Resume", "The Complete Guide to Information Interviewing & Networking", "Internships", "Preparing for the Employment Interview", and more, are available free of charge on our website under "Students → Handouts".

Career Assessment and Vocational Testing
Professionally designed tests are available that can help you to better define the career choices that are right for you. The computerized tests may be completed on-site or on the internet and are interpreted by a career counselor during a private counseling session.

Individual Career Counseling and Job Search Assistance
Up to three hours of counseling is available to help with any of these services, provide guidance on furthering your current career, or help explore career alternatives that are right for you. An appointment is requested. Please call (713) 743-5100. Additional counseling time may be purchased at the rate of $25.00 per hour.

Mock Interview
Practice interviewing skills in a mock interview conducted with a career counselor. Mock interviews are 50 minutes in length, which allows time for the interview and direct feedback. Mock interviews can be conducted for employment or graduate/professional school admissions interviews. Mock Interviews can be conducted in person of via Skype or phone.

Attend workshops on a variety of topics, including resume writing, interviewing techniques, career assessment, and job search strategies. Over 450 workshops are presented each year. Workshop schedule is available on our web site and in our office. Click here for complete listings.

Career Fairs
Attend any career fairs and career symposia sponsored by University Career Services.

Review of Services Consultation description
Consists of a 10-15 minute overview of Alumni Career Services with an Alumni Career Counselor. The consultation can be over the phone or via Skype. Call (713)743-5094 to schedule the consultation.