Mayte Rodriquez

Major: Teaching and Learning-Math (4-8)
Expected Graduation Date: December 2018

What is your favorite part about working on campus?
Working on campus has been an eye opening experience as I have been able to improve networking, communication, and leadership skills. Meeting new people and helping fellow Coogs is great as I can pass my knowledge to others. Overall my favorite part of working for Career Services is that I learn everyday whether it be handling calls or helping students with resume feedback.

What are the benefits about working on campus?
The benefits of working on campus is that I get to expand my knowledge of how the University of Houston works behind the scenes. It is a great feeling to know that I am a part of a large community all focused on helping one another. Working on campus also allows me to manage my time according to my class schedule. I don’t have to worry of commuting back and forth to other locations as my on campus job works very well according to my hours and middle school observations.

What are the top three transferable skills you have gained by working on campus?
Communication, professional emailing, and customer service are the top three transferable skills that I have gained by working on campus. Whether it be handling an extensive call that may require more than ten minutes or sending a quick email to my boss, I know I am skilled at doing such tasks. Working at the front desk of Career Services has made me more aware to multitask and to grow as a student and employee.

What other leadership/involvement/community service are you involved in?
I am currently active within my local community center, Neighborhood Centers Ripley House volunteering my time and I am also active with the ReadHoustonRead program reading to elementary students. I have previous experience working as a lead camp counselor for the Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp with TeachHouston. I have been president of the TeachHouston Student Society and I was also a student worker within the program.