Edith Vargas

Major: Liberal Studies
Expected Graduation Date: December 2017

What is your favorite part about working on campus?
My favorite part of working on campus is the convenience. As a commuter, I do my best to arrange a schedule that allows me to spend the least amount of time on the road.

What are the benefits about working on campus?
The flexibility. Our office understands that we are students first, so it's reassuring knowing that I am able to give my classes top priority. It has allowed me to learn more about what employers look for. Working at Career Services is also great for people that like interacting with others and meeting new people.

What are the challenges of working on campus and how do you overcome these challenges?
I never lived on campus, so one of the challenges I face daily is the early morning commute. I like to focus on the fact that I am spending more time on campus after work and taking advantage of the services the university offers.

What are the top three transferable skills you have gained by working on campus?
Learning to send emails for a professional setting is a practice I'm thankful for. UH offers courses that prepare students for writing in the workplace, but regular practice helps instill this habit. The same can be said of data input and program usage, things I wasn't really exposed to before working on campus.