The University Coordinating Commission

How the Commission Works


The UCC's Role

The central role of the University Coordinating Commission is to support and reinforce the processes by which various governance groups at the University of Houston central campus offer interested parties the opportunity to inform the creation and implementation of policies and procedures relevant to them.

Towards that end, the UCC will act to confirm that proposed policies and procedures have been offered for fair consideration to all relevant governance groups, and to confirm that any dissenting responses returned by those governance groups have been duly shared in a timely manner.

In addition, for the public consideration of all interested parties, this UCC website offers direct links to the developmental information and documentation available from each participating governance group in regard to those policies and procedures which they currently have under development.

Please see the 'Policies Currently Under Development at the University of Houston' section of this website.

The UH administration will insure that governance group activities at the main campus - specifically in regard to the fair consideration of outside input - are confirmed through the UCC before the University makes final decisions on forwarded policy or procedure proposals.

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Timelines & Process

  1. UCC meetings will be held once each month. Please see the 'Meetings & Agendas' section of this site for the date, time, and location of the next meeting.
  2. Documents offered for consideration should be received by the commission two weeks before the meetings. Receipt of information will be acknowledged by the UCC.
  3. At the meeting, participating group representatives will consider which of the presented policy information should be vetted by the group they represent.
  4. Immediately following the meeting, the UCC will distribute policy information to the relevant individuals in the interested governance groups.
  5. Interested governance groups will offer feedback to the policy-initiating group.
  6. The UCC will track policy information distribution status on this site: Please see the 'Policies Currently Under Development at the University of Houston' section.


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