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The below sample renderings are what could happen to the University Center if the UC Student Referendum is approved on November 18 and 19, 2008.  If approved, there are approvals from the UH Board of Regents, the State of Texas Legislature and the Texas Coordinating Board of Higher Education to receive after the Referendum. If the UC Student Referendum is successful, and all of the approvals are received, there will be additional input from UH students as the project moves through both the “Program Confirmation and Concept Design” and the “Design Documents” phases.  For easy reference, if the UC Student Referendum passes, a UC Transformation Project Schedule can be found below.

The floor plans below show the original scope of the University Center Transformation Project. The current plan, which provides almost 100,000 additional square feet as well as extensive restructuring of existing space, differs significantly from the one proposed during the referendum and is available at The New UC web space.

UC Arbor
UC Food Court
New Lounge Spaces
New Student Organization Center
Centralized and Expanded Retail Corridor
UC Southwest Entrance
UC North Patio

University Center – Transformation Project Schedule

Aug./Sept., 2008 Complete University Center and UC Satellite Master Plan
September 2008 Student Fee Tolerance Survey Based on Concept Models
Oct./Nov. 2008 Campus Consensus Building for Project
Nov. 18-19, 2008 Student Referendum for UC Transformation Project
February 2009 Presentation to the UH Board of Regents
Feb./Mar./April 2009 Testimony to the Texas Legislature (for a Bill to Increase UC Fee)
June 2009 Consideration and Approval from UH Board of Regents
Consideration and Approval from the Texas Coordinating Board of Higher Education
Fall 2009 Advertise for Professional Design Team
January 2010 Select Professional Architecture and Design Team
Mar. 2010– June 2010 Program Confirmation and Concept Design
Mar. 2010 Advertise for Construction Team
June 2010 Select Construction Team
July 2010– Feb. 2011 Design Documents
Consideration and Approval from UH Board of Regents
May 2011 Phase 1 Construction – 12 months
May 2012 Phase 2 Construction – 12 months
May 2013 Phase 3 Construction – 10 months
March 2014 Substantial Completion