UC Concept Survey

Based upon the recommendations within the UC Master Plan Report, to further measure student support for changes and improvements to the University Center, the UC 2010 Initiative Committee launched an online survey for all UH students that ran from October 16th through October 24th.  The survey identified four (4) concepts for student to select from which represented future options for the University Center (everything from fixing the infrastructure to building a new UC facility).  With over 5,000 responses to this survey, it became very clear that all of us want to see improvements in our University Center.  In addition, there was clear support for the UC Transformation Project (Concept “C”).

It should be noted that over 70% of UH students are very likely or somewhat likely to support UC Transformation Project.  Concepts A & B identified “support” at above 60% each, while Concept D (the completely new University Center) had ”support” at a 55%, but also came in with the highest negative percentage (26%).  

For your reference, the Concept Options and Comparable University Center Picture and Fee Graphic in Survey included in the survey, as well as a full set of Survey Results are included at the bottom of this page.

Concept Options (pdf)
Comparable University Center Picture and Fee Graphic in Survey (pdf)
UC Survey Results (pdf)