While the scope of the project has changed from the original proposal to better suit the changing needs of the University of Houston student body, the text below has been preserved to show what students voted on in our historic referendum.

The Transformation Project of the University Center will provide:

  • Enhanced dining options based upon student voice and input and an enhanced service flow: shorter, faster and more efficient lines.  
  • A new set of spacious study areas and relaxing lounges designed to provide every Cougar a sense of place in their home away from home.
  • Safe and secure 24-hour access to lounge spaces (and great study zones).
  • Next generation meeting and multi-purpose spaces within a centralized conference center (located in the UC Underground).
  • New synergistic student organization center – the new home of student involvement at UH
  • Centralized one-stop-shop retail corridor for all of the UC shopping and service opportunities (including full-service bank, hair and beauty salon, technology store, Shasta’s ice cream, UH ID card services, CreationStation and more).
  • Enhanced shaded outdoor lounge spaces to facilitate formal and informal student gathering and community building (along the South side of the UC and on the UC North Patio).
  • New outdoor amphitheatre for programming and other student-oriented events (located adjacent to the UC North Patio).
  • Improved natural light, an open environment, additional windows and a new building skin throughout the interior and exterior of the University Center.
  • The most updated technology (wireless internet access, state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment for meetings and events, and LCD screens which highlight campus events and involvement opportunities as well as events in the UC). 
  • Sustainable design principles for a more eco-friendly University Center.
  • Become a visible representation of school spirit and tradition and the pride of the Cougar Nation.

University Center Transformation Fee Implications
Semester / Year of
UC Fee Increase
Fee Increase
Total UC Fee for Semester
Fall 2008 – Current UC Fee $0 $35
Fall 2009 $0 $35
Fall 2010 $25 $60
Fall 2011 $25 $85
Fall 2012 $25 $110
Fall 2013 $25 $135
Fall 2014 $25 $160

Sample Referendum E-Ballot

The proposed transformation of the University Center will include the components set forth above and will be dedicated to support student life and student success. The renovation, phasing, escalation and debt service for a transformed University Center will require a semester fee of $160 for all UH students (phased-in over a period of five years as identified above).

A.  ______ Yes, I support the gradual increase to the UC Fee to support the UC Transformation Project to include renovation, operations, maintenance and debt service costs.

B.  ______  No, I do not support the gradual increase to the UC Fee.