Greetings from the UC 2010 Initiative Co-Chairs

Our Fellow Cougars:

As most of you know, University Center leadership has been working with students to address the future of the University Center and the need to enhance services, facilities and programs for the UH community.  Through the UC Master Plan Project, a committee composed of students and administrators worked with Holzman Moss Architecture (an architectural planning company based in New York which specializes in University Center/College Union, Student Life and University planning projects) to develop several strategies to ensure UH students will always have a “home away from home” in the University Center.

The UC 2010 Initiative Committee then launched an online survey for all UH students that ran from October 16th through October 24th.  The survey identified four concepts for student to select from which represented future options for the University Center (everything from fixing the infrastructure to building a new UC facility).  With over 5,000 responses to this survey, it became very clear that all of us want to see improvements in our University Center.  In addition, there was clear support for the UC Transformation Project (Concept “C”).

Moving forward, the UC 2010 Initiative (which is a student-driven group) has been working with various students and administrators on-campus to conduct a Student Referendum on November 18th and 19th.  Pursuing the mission of enriching campus life and enhancing student success, it is our goal to honor our fellow student Cougars’ request through the “concept” survey to make this University Center Transformation Project a reality.

This website has been established to serve as an information hub for the Student Referendum.  You can find out about all the details for the University Center Transformation Project (everything from the floor plans and actual renderings to the detailed cost model for the project and results for both the “concept” survey from October and the UC Master Plan Project).  We hope that you will find this site useful as you prepare to make your vote count for the future of the University Center on November 18th and 19th.

Since 1967 when the University Center first opened to support the UH community with services, programs and facilities, it has been the home away from home for UH students.   This is our University Center and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to look at the possibilities of what our University Center could become – for us, as well as future members of the Cougar Nation!

With Cougar Pride,
Micah Kenfield and Nicole Sopko
Co-Chairs for the UC 2010 Initiative

Mission Statement

The student driven UC2010 Initiative serves the ever-changing needs of the University of Houston student body. Pursuing the mission of enriching campus life and enhancing student success, the UC2010 Initiative transforms the University Center into a 21st century facility of first class quality – one worthy of the pride of the Cougar Nation.

How to Vote

All UH students are eligible (and encouraged) to vote.
All you will need is your UH PeopleSoft ID number and your Cougar One Card.

Where to Vote

Campus Recreation and Wellness Center – UH Wellness
Cougar Place – Lobby
MD Anderson Library – 24-hour Lounge
Melcher/Business – First Floor Lounge
Moody Towers – Adjacent to the AC Office / Commons
PGH – South Hall Lobby
Oberholtzer Hall – Adjacent to the Front Desk
Science and Engineering Research Complex (SERC) – Entrance Lobby
University Center – South Entrance (ATM side)
University Center Satellite – Adjacent to Games Room and C-Store

When to Vote

8a.m. to 7p.m. on
Tuesday, November 18 and Wednesday, November 19

Sample Referendum E-Ballot

University Center Transformation Fee Implications
Semester / Year of
UC Fee Increase
Fee Increase
Total UC Fee for Semester
Fall 2008 – Current UC Fee $0 $35
Fall 2009 $0 $35
Fall 2010 $25 $60
Fall 2011 $25 $85
Fall 2012 $25 $110
Fall 2013 $25 $135
Fall 2014 $25 $160

The proposed transformation of the University Center will include the components set forth above and will be dedicated to support student life and student success. The renovation, phasing, escalation and debt service for a transformed University Center will require a semester fee of $160 for all UH students (phased-in over a period of five years as identified above).

A.  ______ Yes, I support the gradual increase to the UC Fee to support the UC Transformation Project to include renovation, operations, maintenance and debt service costs.

B.  ______  No, I do not support the gradual increase to the UC Fee.

If approved, UC Transformation Project Schedule

Aug./Sept., 2008 Complete University Center and UC Satellite Master Plan
September 2008 Student Fee Tolerance Survey Based on Concept Models
Oct./Nov. 2008 Campus Consensus Building for Project
Nov. 18-19, 2008 Student Referendum for UC Transformation Project
February 2009 Presentation to the UH Board of Regents
Feb./Mar./April 2009 Testimony to the Texas Legislature (for a Bill to Increase UC Fee)
June 2009 Consideration and Approval from UH Board of Regents
Consideration and Approval from the Texas Coordinating Board of Higher Education
Fall 2009 Advertise for Professional Design Team
January 2010 Select Professional Architecture and Design Team
Mar. 2010– June 2010 Program Confirmation and Concept Design
Mar. 2010 Advertise for Construction Team
June 2010 Select Construction Team
July 2010– Feb. 2011 Design Documents
Consideration and Approval from UH Board of Regents
May 2011 Phase 1 Construction – 12 months
May 2012 Phase 2 Construction – 12 months
May 2013 Phase 3 Construction – 10 months
March 2014 Substantial Completion

UC 2010 Initiative Pep Rally Pictures from November 10