UC Master Plan Project Report

The University Center and Associated Facilities and the Division of Student Affairs, in partnership with Facilities, Planning and Construction hired Holzman Moss Architecture to provide professional design and planning services for a Master Plan for the University Center Complex (University Center and University Center Underground) and the University Center Satellite (UC Satellite).  Holzman Moss is an architectural planning company based in New York which specializes in Student Life and University planning projects and is specifically a leader in the University Center/College Union profession.

Holzman Moss was selected by a review committee, composed of students, staff and administrators, for their ability to be creative, have a student-focused mentality, and their superior work performance at peer institutions both within the State of Texas and across the United States.

This project called for action in four (4) main areas: Market Analysis, Facility Assessments, Feasibility Recommendations, and Cost Estimates for each identified recommendation.
We are hopeful that this project will create a roadmap as to how the University Center Complex and the UC Satellite will complement and support the future growth of the University of Houston community, and continue to provide services, facilities and programs for UH students, faculty and staff at a Top Tier institution level.

The Executive Committee for this project:

Henry Anderson Assistant Director, UC Building Services
Jonas Chin Vice President, Student Government Association
Sam Dike President, Student Government Association
Dave Irvin AVC/AVP for Plant Operations
Micah Kenfield Chair, University Center Policy Board
Keith T. Kowalka Executive Director, University Center and Associated Facilities
Dr. Elwyn C. Lee  Vice Chancellor/Vice President for Student Affairs
Luiza Maal  Senior Project Manager, Facilities, Planning and Construction
Dr. William F. Munson AVC/AVP for Student Development and Dean of Students
Diane Murphy Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Administration
Sonya Noruwa Vice President, Student Program Board
Nicole Sopko Vice Chairperson, DanceOn
Esmeralda Valdez Director, Business Services

University Center and UC Satellite Master Plan Final Report – October 2008

Cover and Contents
Guiding Principles
Strategic Asset Value Analysis
Focus Groups and Interviews
Existing Conditions Assessment
Peer Institution Benchmarking
Demand-Based Program Analysis
Building Program
Concept Development
Holzman Moss Profile
Holzman Moss Presentation to Consultant Selection Committee – November 2007

If you have questions related to the UC Master Plan, please contact Mr. Keith T. Kowalka, Executive Director of the University Center and Associated Facilities at 713-743-5280 or via e-mail at kkowalka@uh.edu.