Welcome to the UC 2010 Initiative Archive

This web site was the clearinghouse for all information about the UC Transformation Project during the UC 2010 Referendum. While the project’s details and scope have adapted to suit the needs of the ever-changing student body, the information presented on this website has been preserved to show the history of one of the most exciting projects in the history of student life at the University of Houston.

University Center Student Referendum

The proposed Transformation of the University Center will include the components set forth above (chart at voting site) and will be dedicated to support student life and student success.  The renovation, phasing, escalation and debt service for a transformed University Center will require a semester fee of $150 for all UH students (phased-in over a period of five years as identified above).

3,204 Votes (77%) Yes, I support the gradual increase to the UC Fee to support the UC Transformation Project to include renovation, operations, maintenance and debt service costs.
957 Votes (23%) No, I do not support the gradual increase to the UC Fee.

For your reference, a complete summary of the UC Student Referendum voting information is available in a pdf format here.