UH Weeks of Welcome Requesting Departmental Open House Information

The UH Weeks of Welcome Committee coordinates and develops a comprehensive calendar of events and programs during the first two weeks of the fall semester. Some of the types of events highlighted through Weeks of Welcome include welcome back mixers, luncheons, athletic events, concerts, interest meetings for student organizations, and major traditions like the Cat’s Back program. We would like to add departmental open houses for 2013.

Departmental Open Houses would be a way for students to connect with services around campus that may be overlooked during the hustle and bustle of the first two weeks of the fall semester.  To entice students to attend these open houses, the Weeks of Welcome Committee will incentivize participation through an online scavenger hunt.  Students will not be able to complete the scavenger hunt unless they attend a department’s open house. 

For the Open House, all we ask is that the Open House events hosted by departments are engaging in nature, something beyond just an overview of your office.  Some already-scheduled open houses are using programming activities, promotional items, Q&A sessions with faculty and staff, and other ideas to engage students.

If departments are interested, the scavenger hunt for the open houses is being conducted Tuesday, September 3 through Friday, September 6.  We hope you, and your department, would like to become a part of the “Weeks of Welcome”.

To submit your department’s open house, please identify a preferred date and time and submit this information to the Weeks of Welcome committee via the web form no later than Friday, July 12, 2013.

If you have questions about the Weeks of Welcome, or the new Open House initiative, please contact Micah Kenfield (832/842-6262 / mckenfield@uh.edu) or Keith T. Kowalka (832/842-6260 / kkowalka@uh.edu).

More about the UH Weeks of Welcome: For a decade, The Cat's Back initiative has helped promote and inform the UH community about the multitude of events that took place during the first two weeks of the fall semester. As part of expanding the Cat’s Back initiative to include a formal university driven welcome week, these first weeks of school are being rebranded to be the “UH Weeks of Welcome”. This change continues the tradition of providing information and connecting new and returning UH students to UH student organizations, departments, and resources, through the promotion of events and programs on a centralized “UH Weeks of Welcome” web-calendar.  For more information and the full calendar as it updates, please visit www.uh.edu/wow