Walkways Between University Center and M.D. Anderson Library Impacted by UC Utility Work for Two Weeks in May

Houston, April 30, 2013 – Two consecutive projects will take place in the area, first on May 13 and May 14, the second on May 20 through May 24, 2013. Work will be conducted daily roughly from 6:30AM through 4:00PM. Pedestrian pass-through by the work sites will be available at all time. Steel plates will be available to cover work area for emergencies.

The First Project involves installation of two underground pipes traversing the walkway west of the former UC Underground area.  Pedestrian passage is as indicated during work sessions; while temporary barricades will be set up to isolate the work area. Outside of work hours steel plates will be set down, barricades removed, and the walkway/fire lane should function as normal.

The Second Project involves installation of the storm sewer directly west of the existing UC building, coming close but not affecting the food truck area and the southwest entry ramp into UC.  Barricades will be set up to define the pedestrian passage and isolate the work area, for the entire week of May 20.

First Project: May 13 - May 14 (6:30A ~ 4:00P)

Second Project: May 20 – May 24 (6:30A ~ 4:00P)