Scale Transformed University Center Model Makes Debut in UC Administration Services and Operations Office

Though much of the University Center has been closed for construction, the UC Transformation Project has been committed to offering the university community previews of the future of the UC.  Toward this end, we have commissioned a scale model of the New UC, built from the digital architectural renderings themselves.

Beginning immediately, the University Center Administration Services and Operations Office (UC Room 242) is hosting the scale model in its reception area.  Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to stop by and view the future of the UC. Office hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.

A few sample photos are included below:

Transformed UC – Aerial View
1 Transformed UC – Front Facade
2 Transformed UC – Front Entrance
3 Transformed UC – Outdoor Plaza

For more information about the UC Transformation Project, please visit, follow us on Twitter @TheNewUC, and fan us on Facebook at “The New UC”

More about University Centers: Student Centers includes the UC North, UC South and UC Satellite. Our facilities exist to support our diverse campus community and enrich the campus life experience by providing quality programs, retail, dining, and customer services and facilities focused on student engagement and involvement, student learning and student success. The NEW UC is focused on providing clean, comfortable and convenient gathering spaces for people to meet and connect with each other. Our new meeting and event spaces are available for conducting organization meetings, social events, and educational programs. The UC Satellite offers a variety of dining and retail services along with gathering space. All of our facilities offer state of the art wireless capability.