2013-14 Membership Roster

students, faculty and staff
Sara Lalani Assistant Director, Metropolitan Volunteer Program
Cedric Bandoh President - Student Government Association
Ryan Smith UCPB At-Large Member
Susan Moreno Staff Council
Nazia Frank President, Student Alumni Connection
Leonel Mata UCPB At-Large Member
Jared Gogets New UC Representative
Anjuli Tuck President - Student Program Board
Erica Tat Director, Council of Ethnic Organizations
Laila Machado President, Residence Halls Association
Rani Ramchandani UCPB At-Large Member
Jonathan Middents Faculty Senate
Jessica Zorola Faculty Senate
Sebastian Troitino UCPB At-Large Member
Keith T. Kowalka * AVP for Student Affairs
Cheryl Grew-Gillen * Director – UC Facilities & Operations
Lawrence Daniel * Director – Marketing Communications and Retail
Marcella Leung * Director – Center for Student Involvement
Micah Kenfield* Marketing Manager – University Centers
Linda Jauregui* Office Coordinator – UCAS&O Office Coordinator

*These individuals are ex-officio, non-voting members of the Board, and are on the Board while they are in their current positions at UH.