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Meet an Advisor

Our advising session provides general information for FUTURE transfer students who are interested in completing a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston.

If you are a current or former UH student, please see Who to Contact.

Make an In-Person Appointment   Visit Us at a Community College


Advising is based on your desired major and its respective college. Don’t know what college your major is in? Check list of majors by college

Unsure what to major in?  Learn about MyMajors.

Bauer College of Business

Jennifer Bruner

College of Engineering

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

College of Technology

James Simpson

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management

Alissa Benton

Art or Education

Future students are encouraged to reach out to a College Art or College of Education advisor directly.

Architecture, Nursing, or Pharmacy

Future students are encouraged to attend an information session.

Graduate Programs

Contact the program directly to find an advisor.