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Six Things Every Transfer Must Know

  • Reverse Transfer: Reverse Transfer is now an “opt-in” question on the UH Apply Texas Application. By agreeing to have your future UH transcripts sent back to your Texas public community college, you may be eligible to have an associate degree awarded retroactively by that institution once you meet eligibility requirements. This process is completely free, and requires no further action by students. Please refer to Texas House Bill 3052 for more information.
  • 66-hour Rule: Only 66 hours of community college credit may be transferred into University of Houston.
  • Residency Requirement: The last 30 hours toward any UH degree must be completed at UH.
  • Core: If you do not complete your core requirements before transferring, you must complete the UH core. See the listing of UH core classes.
  • 6 W Rule: You are limited to a total of six dropped courses with a “W” during your entire undergraduate careers. All courses dropped at other Texas public institutions will count towards the 6-drop limit.
  • Enrollment cap for Texas Residents: Texas resident undergraduate students who enrolled for the first time in a Texas public institution of higher education in Fall 1999 or later may be charged a premium tuition rate — an additional $100 per semester credit hour over the Texas resident rate — after they reach an established enrollment cap. The cap for students registering for the first time in Fall 1999 — Summer 2006 the cap is 45 hours; for students registering for the first time for Fall 2006 and later the cap is 30 hours.