Cougar Cards are Trading Cards of important people associated with the University of Houston. There are 56 of them! List of cards is at Card List

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, you can get the cards by going to selected events ON CAMPUS. The list of events is at Event List

This list will always be changing, so CHECK BACK OFTEN.


The Library is Giving Out Cards: Check HERE


We have both a facebook page

Cougar Trading Cards

and Twitter


Fun information will be posted on these daily and weekly! Check often!

Case Keenum

Softball Ladies


When you have collected 7 DIFFERENT CARDS, you get a COUGAR CARD COLLECTION TIN

When you have collected ANOTHER 8 DIFFERENT CARDS (SO 15 TOTAL), you get a FREE T-SHIRT

When you have collected ANOTHER 10 DIFFERENT CARDS (SO 25 TOTAL), you get a COMMEMORATIVE BOOKLET in which to keep your cards

When you have collected ANOTHER 10 DIFFERENT CARDS (SO 35 TOTAL), each extra card gets you an entry in a weekly drawing for GOOD STUFF

When you have collected THE REMAINING 21 DIFFERENT CARDS (SO ALL 56 IN TOTAL), you get a $1000 SCHOLARSHIP

All card should be redeemed and prizes should be collected from the Cougar Card Office in Fleming Room 5 between 9 am and 5 pm daily

So, go to the events, collect the cards, trade the cards with your friends and WIN THE PRIZES!!!!

Some Notes

All scholarships subject to all regulations of and associated with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

To collect prizes, you will have the cards marked (small hole punched).

Booklets and tins will available asap.

T-shirts are available.

Scholarships will be applied for the Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 semesters, depending upon various factors.

Old card lists may be seen at:

Year 1 2009 - 2010

Year 2 2010 - 2011

Year 3 2011 - 2012

Year 4 2012 - 2013

Year 5 2013 - 2014

Year 6 2014 - 2015