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2013 Scholars

Christopher Wiggs

Christopher Wiggs


Graduation Year: 2017
College: Cullen College of Engineering
Major:  Civil and Environmental Engineering
High School: Bellaire Senior High School
Hometown: Houston, TX

About Me

I am new to the University of Houston, and I am loving it so far. Since I live on campus, I have ample opportunities to meet all sorts of people and form bonds that will help me get through college and transition me into the professional world. Besides my interest in math that initially caused me to look at a major like engineering, I love music. I play the piano, guitar, and ukulele and would love to learn the harmonica. I am counting on my love of math, my love of music, and my Christian faith to keep me going through my college years. 

Campus and Community Involvement

Some of my favorite sports to play are basketball and ping pong (assuming you consider ping pong a sport.) I have had several wonderful opportunities to volunteer in the past including mission trips with my church to towns in different parts of Texas where I was able to meet people from all different types of backgrounds and help them in whatever way possible to fix their houses. Activities would range from painting to building forty feet long wheelchair ramps. I hope to find organizations my freshman year where I can continue to volunteer around the Houston area. One organization I have already joined is the Bridge, a Christian organization that performs homeless outreach on Tuesday evenings. This group has already confronted me about possibly leading worship at our Sunday meetings which would allow me express myself musically as well as religiously. I have always enjoyed participating with Christian clubs, so I plan to continue with Christian clubs while also considering some of the engineering student organizations all over campus. Some that I have researched so far are the American Society of Civil Engineers and Engineers Without Borders. 

Awards and Honors

I received several awards related to choir while in high school. These awards include reaching the District Choir in tenth and eleventh grade. In tenth grade I reached the Region Choir, in in eleventh grade I reached the Honor Choir. I also participated in the Solo and Ensemble competition my eleventh and twelfth grade years. Both years I received a gold medal in both my performance as a soloist and my performance in an ensemble with our Madrigal Choir for which I was hand-selected by the director. As far as other awards, I was selected after an application process to attend the Texas Youth Academy of the United Methodist Church for the Texas Conference. For the two weeks I was there, I learned more about Christianity and how to become a leader and hone those skills.

Study Abroad

I am not currently taking any languages, but I took Spanish classes in high school. If I were to study abroad, I would like to study somewhere in Africa. I am interested in providing people around the world with clean drinking water, so studying in a country like Kenya or Ghana would give me valuable insight into the full extent of the water crisis in that area.


I am interested in research that will prepare me for an occupation that helps to provide clean drinking water to people around the world. I would be interested to participate in research that explores unconventional ways to make potable water as well as a research project to investigate what kinds of structures best serve small towns or tribes to provide them with clean drinking water.

Future Endeavors

In the long term I want to be involved with an organization whose goal is to provide clean drinking water to as many people as possible. Before I get to that point, I am not sure if I would pursue further education after my undergraduate years. It will depend on what options are available to me as graduation approaches.