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2013 Scholars

Thuy Nhu Truong

Thuy Nhu Truong


Graduation Year: 2017
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 
Major:  Biology
High School: William P Clements High School
Hometown: Sugar Land, TX

About Me

I am a person that stresses over everything, but it pushes me to work harder. Knowing my family believes in me adds the pressure of not wanting to disappoint them. My interests range from writing to science to shopping to food. 

Campus and Community Involvement

In high school, I was part of the Speech and Debate Team as well as the National Forensic League in which I reached the Level of Distinction. Due to my interest in Science, I also chose to join the Science National Honors Society. I attended the National Youth Leadership Conference on Medicine and Health Care in 2011 which explored aspects of leadership, Medicine, and teamwork.

Study Abroad

In high school, I took Spanish for three years, but I would really enjoy the opportunity to study abroad in Vietnam. Studying abroad allows the chance to be immersed fully and completely into a culture which makes it much easier to learn the language, traditions, and customs. Being of Vietnamese descent, I feel that studying in Vietnam would give me the biggest impact on an emotional as well as educational level.


I graduated Magna Cum Laude from William P. Clements High School and received Academic Excellence awards. For the National Merit Scholarship Program, I was commended.  Due to my AP scores, I was able to receive the awards of AP Scholar with Distinction as well as National AP Scholar. 


At this point in time, I am not quite sure what type of research I think my project will be over. Anything from the medical field or having to do with my Biology major interests me, but once I have taken more classes and looked into the different research opportunities, I think that I will have a better understanding of what type of research I want to partake in.

Future Endeavors

Currently, I envision myself as an Orthodontist. Being from a family with several dentists, the occupation seems to interest me and holds a certain sentimental value.