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2013 Scholars

Beatriz Thames

Beatriz Thames


Graduation Year: 
 High School: 

About Me

I’m a big Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who fan. In other words, I’m a nerd. I love music, and Hans Zimmer is my hero. He wrote the scores for movies like Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The DaVinci Code, in case you didn’t know. I love Disney movies, reading, traveling, and doing all sorts of crafty stuff. I like to help others, especially with schoolwork. I have a mild addiction to Dr. Pepper. What inspires to me to work hard is my love of learning and my dream to travel the world someday.

Campus and Community Involvement

I played tennis on the varsity team in High School and volunteered at an elementary school tutoring 3rd graders senior year. Before that, I volunteered at church every Tuesday for two years. Freshman year I was in marching band and was a part of the Freshman All-Region Band. I was also a part of Key Club, National Honor Society, and was the president of my Venture Crew (part of Boy Scouts of America) for two years.

Awards and Honors

I was ranked 11th in my class and graduated Magna Cum Laude. I also received the honors open house scholarship from UH.

Study Abroad

Study abroad is definitely something I’m interested in. I love to travel, and the place I want to go most in the world is New Zealand. I would also love Australia or Europe. I would love to learn in a new setting where I can explore new places and see new sights. I feel like it would make me more confident to do anything on my own.


I don’t know what type of research I’ll be interested in, but I think I could easily become passionate about any kind of research. I’d probably like to stay in my major though.

Future Endeavors

I am intending to get at least a masters degree, but I don’t know yet. I don’t yet have any career plans other than to be an engineer somewhere!