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2013 Scholars


Tara Mars


Classification:   Freshman
Graduation Year: 2017
College: Cullen College of Engineering
Major:  Biomedical Engineering
High School: Cypress Ranch High School
Hometown: Cypress, TX

About Me

I am excited to be at the University of Houston. I love hiking, biking, and just being in the outdoors. Visiting national parks with my family is one of my favorite things to do, Yellowstone being my favorite. I love to play the piano and have been playing for the past 14 years. Now that I am older I truly understand the beauty of it. Participating in teams, tutoring younger kids, and helping other people have also always been things I really enjoyed doing. In school I like all subjects, but I am especially interested in math and science. I have always been interested in having a better understanding of the physical world around me. Family is the most important thing to me and I couldn't ask for better parents, who support me in everything I do and never stop helping me along the way. My brother is my best friend and has been my rock through everything. Without their influence, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Campus and Community Involvement

Recently I participated in a Biomedical Engineering outreach program that helps middle school kids develop an interest in science. I volunteered a lot in middle and high school as a part of Key Club and Student Council (my high school had the most active key club members in the entire world). I was also in the National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society. I plan to continue my community involvement in college. In middle school and high school I ran track and cross country and throughout my school years I swam in summer league, all of which I really enjoyed. I am playing soccer right now in P.E. and hope to participate in the intramural sport next fall.

Awards and Honors

I was valedictorian of my high school and received subject awards in Statistics AP, Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Geometry, and World Geography. I was especially proud of my letterman jacket that I received during my freshman year of High School for Cross Country. I attended the UH GRADE camp for engineering in the summer after my 9th grade and received the GRADE camp scholarship.

Study Abroad

Two years ago I went to India, and the trip was truly amazing. Getting to experience the Indian culture firsthand, such as meeting different people, going to my cousin’s wedding, wearing the clothes they wear, and trying all of the different types of food, has made me want to experience cultures in other countries as well. This semester in May I am going to take a two week study abroad trip to France and Spain with the Honors College. Since I have not been to Europe I am very excited to visit there. Also, after taking four years of Spanish in high school I am eager to be able to use those skills in Spain. Having the opportunity to experience another culture is what I look forward to the most.


I am very interested in the human body and how it works. Being able to invent something that assists the body in its functions would be a dream come true.

Future Endeavors

I plan to pursue research and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering.