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2013 Scholars


Jonathan Keller


Graduation Year: 2017
College: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 
Major:  Music Education and Applied Music in Horn Performance
High School: Dulles High School
Hometown: Sugar Land, TX 

About Me

In general, I am piqued by the interactions of people themselves. This covers things such as how acts of one person can completely alter another person’s life, or how societies can change and influence people to act or rebel against their norms. What drives me each day is the opportunity to become better than I was the previous day, whether through not repeating the same mistakes again or through continuing to develop beneficial habits. I can draw inspiration from almost any source; real world metaphors reveal mysteries I could never solve alone, also sparking my interest in seeing more of the world itself.

Campus and Community Involvement

Currently I am a member of the Spirit of Houston Marching Band, but I would enjoy playing intramural sports like racquetball and ultimate Frisbee when I have free time.

Awards and Honors

While in high school, I received the AP scholar with Honor and Distinction, and the  National AP scholar awards. During my freshman year of high school I also won the Farrington Awards Latin I division, given by HATFL. Finally, I also became a National Merit Finalist, and I subsequently received the National Merit Scholarship from UH.

Study Abroad

I am currently taking Italian. Given the opportunity and time I would travel to Germany, Austria, or Italy to learn of the various music cultures in each location. Study abroad opens up the realm of my mind to grasp what I have only heard about before. The people of other cultures, and the foreign cultures themselves, cannot succinctly be defined in any textbook, so studying abroad opens up a chance to be immersed in these foreign peoples.


For now, some sort of psychological research on how music can affect a person in all aspects of his health interests me. At this time I do not know what my research project will be.

Future Endeavors

After graduation I hope to win an audition at a symphony and play there, and if that does not work out immediately, then some sort of music educator will suffice. In either case, I may return for an MM in Music Education or Performance of some sort.