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2013 Scholars


Emily Johnson


Graduation Year: 2017
College: College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences   
Major:  English Literature
High School: Plano East Senior High School
Hometown: Murphy, TX

About Me

As I was growing up, my parents opened our home to foster children.  My siblings, for however short a time I knew each of them, each changed how I live my life in their own special way, and it just breaks my heart to think about what they've had to go through. While I've had quite a few different ideas as to what I want to do with my life, I've always known that I want to, in some way, help children who are in bad situations. To me, the best way to achieve this is two-fold, to change core beliefs of society surrounding the importance of children, and to personally help as many children as possible. In order to achieve my goals, I'm planning on majoring in English Literature and History and later going to law school to earn my JD.

Campus and Community Involvement

While in high school, I went on several mission trips to children's homes to to perform fix-up jobs and to put on a VBS, I also participated in a local organization which provides social events for special needs children and adults. I hope to continue this sort of volunteering while at UH as well as to participate in a few student organizations.


In high school I was in the top 4% of my class and I was named a National Merit Commended Scholar as well as an AP scholar with distinction, I also earned an Outstanding English Student Award in 9th  and 10th  grade. I played for my high school's varsity tennis team my 10th -12th grade years, I was named an all-district player in both girls' doubles and mixed doubles, and in the Fall of 2012, my team made qualified for the regional quarter finals. 

Study Abroad

I took Chinese in high school, and I'd like to continue my studies at UH. I plan on studying abroad somewhere in Asia; possibly China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Singapore, or Malaysia. 


I'm interested in doing research involving means of human expression, especially how enduring means of human expression are affected by changes in technology.  

Future Endeavors

In the future I would like to either become a novelist or practice law, or maybe both! After I graduate I plan on attending law school to learn my JD, and I hope to specialize in Family Law.