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2013 Scholars

Johnson Alec

Alec Johnson


Graduation Year: 2017
College: Bauer College of Business 
Major:  Pre-Business
High School: Northwest High School
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

About Me

I graduated 8th in my class of 500 students from Northwest High School in 2013 with a 4.0 unweighted G.P.A.. I love anything and everything related to sports and music, and played golf and basketball while in high school. My hobbies include playing music on my keyboard, video games, and disc golf. I also really enjoy going to the movies and attending rock concerts. I chose to go into business because I’ve always been interested in economics and I like to analyze patterns and trends. My strongest subject in school has always been math. I decided to attend the University of Houston because I loved the campus when I visited, I have two cousins also attending, and because I was offered the university’s Tier One Scholarship.

Campus and Community Involvement

Back in Fort Worth I volunteered at a community food bank called Grace Gardens, where I helped plant, grow, and harvest organic food to be distributed throughout the community to those who needed it. I hope to find a similar organization to volunteer at while attending the University of Houston. While at Northwest High School I was a member of the National Honor Society and was also a member of the banquet planning committee of said organization. My senior year in high school I was captain of the men’s varsity golf team. My role as captain qualified me to also be a member of the school’s President’s club, a committee of the school’s leaders (captains, heads of organizations, drum majors, etc.) which periodically met with the principal to discuss any school-wide changes we felt necessary and to come up with ways to improve school spirit. As mentioned above my main sport is golf, but I enjoy playing almost anything. I plan on being heavily involved in intramural sports while attending the U of H, and am interested in playing golf, basketball, softball, ultimate, tennis, and flag football if my schedule allows it.

Awards and Honors

  • 3-time Academic All-State award recipient in golf
  • Graduated as an AP Scholar with Distinction
  • National Merit Commended recognition
  • National Merit Lockheed-Martin Special Scholarship
  • State Farm Texas Scholar’s Honorable Mention Award

Study Abroad

I took 3 years of Spanish at Northwest High School. However, if I had to choose somewhere I would most like to study abroad I would choose either Greece or Italy. My main reasons for wanting to visit Greece are that my dad’s Grandparents came to America from Greece, and that I want to see the birthplace of the Olympics. My main reasons for wanting to visit Italy are that I want to learn more about the history of the Roman Empire and the Vatican, and that I love authentic Italian food! 


I would like to do some sort of research on either the U.S. economy/stock market or global economic trade. As stated above, I enjoy analyzing patterns and trends, so I think it would be fun to do some sort of research involving making my own business predictions or evaluations. However, I’m open to any project opportunity that presents itself, because there’s really no specific field of study that I dislike (besides maybe really advanced chemistry). I’d be perfectly happy to do a research project on say psychology or music, as long of course as I could tie the study back into something that’s business related.

Future Endeavors

No matter what my final degree path ends up being (pre business leads to a lot of different options), I definitely plan on going to graduate school to get my Master’s Degree or possibly even a Doctorate in something business related. However I’m still in the early stages of things, and I’m not against the idea of changing my major or even becoming a double major if in the future I find some other field really interesting. At this point, I still want to keep all of my options open.