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2013 Scholars


Megan Goh


Graduation Year: 2017
College: Cullen College of Engineering
Major:  Biomedical Engineering
High School: North Crowley High School
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

About Me

I find it hard and a bit awkward to describe myself especially if it’s from the perspective of others, but I’ll give a crack at it. I personally think I’m at least a bit funny, but many of my friends will wholeheartedly disagree with me. (I think they are just jealous.) I’m generally friendly and nice, and I am always willing to lend a helping hand to someone else. Volunteering has been a cornerstone of my life these past couple of years that is in addition to soccer. I currently play soccer for the University of Houston, which is part of the reason for why I came to UH. My family has, and likely always will be, a driving force in my life. They have instilled in me passion and the desire to succeed. They are my motivation. They are my foundation. They are my inspiration.

Campus and Community Involvement

I do volunteer back home. We conduct weekly bingo games at a local nursing home for senior citizens. Nothing makes my week better than spending a Saturday morning seeing them excited and ready to win. I also play soccer, as I mentioned before. I will play soccer for the University of Houston this upcoming fall.

Awards and Honors

I was the Valedictorian for my class and I also had the highest GPA in the entire district. I made Academic All-District 2009-2012 and Academic All-State in 2013. I was also Utility Player of the Year 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. Over my high school career, I also obtained various awards in numerous subjects pertaining to having the highest class average. 

Study Abroad

I am currently not taking any foreign languages, but I would thoroughly enjoy participating in a study abroad program, in which I would be able to learn another language. The fact that you are completely immersed in another culture, virtually another world away from the one you so fondly know, is just about as jarring as it is thrilling.


Research within the biomedical field really piques my interest. I find the performance and function absolutely fascinating. Currently, I don’t really have a coherent and fully developed idea of what my research project will be, but I am nearly positive that I’ll find some inspiration in the future. I think that research projects allow one to take conceptual thoughts and ideas a really apply them, challenging one’s understanding of the material at hand. 

Future Endeavors

Hopefully within the next few years I will have earned a degree in Biomedical Engineering, from there I wish to pursue medical school in my endeavor to become an anesthesiologist.