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2013 Scholars


Laura Clark


Graduation Year: 2017
College: Cullen College of Engineering 
Major:  Electrical and Computer Engineering
High School: Allen High School
Hometown: Allen, TX

About Me

My name is Laura and I am freshman. My parents met at the University of Houston, as undergraduates in the honors college and they must have taught us well, because I am the youngest of three Clark children privileged to attend this wonderful school. I have always loved the problem solving aspects of math and science because it gives my mind a chance to really work. I enjoy music and dance as much as I do science and math, and I treasure opportunities to simply talk to someone and learn more about their life and background.

Campus and Community Involvement

Though I’ve never really been athletic outside of ballet as a child, I love music and have been immersed in it my whole life, competitively and recreationally. I play the flute and hope to audition for a performing group in the spring. I am a member of the Honors Engineering Program and Club Theater, and hope to join the ballroom dance club on campus.

Awards and Honors

In high school I was very involved in the band, consistently earning the highest possible scores at UIL solo competitions, and I was named an Honor Soloist at the Texas Flute Society Flute Festival. I was a band section leader my junior and senior year and, out of six hundred people or more, was student voted “Most Likely to be a Band Director”. I was the secretary of our school’s Computer Science Honors Society, my Computer Science team ranked in the top ten nationally in the Business Professionals of America, Software Development Competition, and I received the National Center for Women & Information Technology(NCWIT) Dallas Affiliate award for Aspirations in Computing my junior year. I was designated as National Merit Commended and graduated in the top four percent of my class as an AP Scholar with Honor. 

Study Abroad

I took three years of Spanish in high school, one of which focused a lot on the culture of Spain. That class got me interested in the people and traditions, not just of Spain, but of all European countries. I would love to go experience firsthand some of the older European traditions.


I don’t have any firm idea of the kinds of research I would like to pursue yet, but I think something involving electronics, computers or bio-electrical interfaces would be a good place to start.

Future Endeavors

After my getting my first degree, I would like to spend some time in the field before coming back to school, either for my Masters, or a teaching degree. If I do get a degree in education, I would like to teach advanced math or physics at the high school level. I think some time spent working in the Electrical Engineering field would give me a greater understanding of the subjects I want to teach which would benefit my students.