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2013 Scholars

Akbar Umair

Umair Akbar


Graduation Year: 2017
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 
Major:  Honors Biomedical Sciences
High School: The Woodlands College Park HS
Hometown: The Woodlands, TX

About Me

My name is Umair Akbar and I am a student that will be attending the University of Houston College as an Honors Biomedical Sciences major. I chose this major because of the fascinating yet challenging aspect of the subject itself. Both biology and chemistry have unique puzzles and mysteries that are yet to be solved. I am very interested in helping to conduct new and innovative research to progress this field further. The sheer amount of knowledge available in this field helps motivate and inspire me to choose a line of work in this field in the future.

Campus and Community Involvement

I currently volunteer at Houston Northwest Medical Center. I am presently an officer at the hospital and assist with interviewing new candidates as well monitoring all hour logs and shifts. I also help volunteer for Bay Area Habitat for Humanity, in which a group of people help to construct houses for people in need. I enjoy clubs and extracurricular activities such as the HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) organization. I plan on joining and actively participating in pre-medical societies during my time at U of H.

Awards and Honors

I graduated my high school as a magna cum laude graduate, AP Scholar, recognized NHS and NEHS member. I received the top 10% scholarship as well as the academic excellence scholarship.

Study Abroad

I have taken 3 years of the Spanish language already, and am looking into the possibility of continuing this during my time at U of H. I have looked into many areas for study abroad, and one place that strikes me is Spain. The opportunity to live and have a feel for a different culture than our own is a very exciting aspect, having the potential to be a life changing event in one’s life.


I am currently interested in research pertaining to the biomedical sciences. One particular aspect of research that I am interested in is the different mechanisms of actions that various chemical substances have on abnormal growth cells known as cancer. Such examples include enzyme inhibition and aromatase inhibition. There are some very promising studies being done and that have already been done on this subject. I will start doing research as soon as I can and plan on continuing it throughout my academic career.

Future Endeavors

My future plans after U of H are getting accepted to medical school and then earning a medical degree and becoming a doctor of medicine. After that, I would be looking for a residency in cardiothoracic surgery. I have chosen MD because I have personally been affected by people around me who have had complications at a younger age and wished I could do something about it, as well as the fact that the human body has an immense amount of intricate and complex systems that intrigue me.