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2012 Scholars

Viet Dinh

Viet Dinh

Graduation Year: 2016
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Major: Biology
High School: Pasadena Memorial High School
Hometown: Pasadena, TX

About Me

I am outgoing once I get to know people. Strangely enough, I was born in Illinois, moved to Texas when I was 4 months old and have been here ever since. I like to sing/play and listen to classical choral and instrumental music. I have am a self-described techie, musician, and photographer. I was never any of these things until I realized, by doing these, things, I could give something to a community or organization that they needed. I have a strong desire to help people and communities with consumes a majority of my free time.

Campus and Community Involvement

I have been a major volunteer in my church and various organizations from my high school. I began helping at my church and was given the role of Volunteer Leader where I organized how people were able to effectively give back to the church and community. At the same time, I trail blazed the path for instrumentalist to perform in conjunction with the church choirs for major events like Christmas and Easter.  For my high school, I am a class administrator for my graduating class, organizing the class for future reunion events and also being an officer in the school’s larger Alumni Association representing every graduating class. I am also establishing alumni groups for the smaller organizations at the high school to reconnect with all of its members after they have graduated.

Awards and Honors

In high school, I was an AP scholar and received numerous leadership awards for the organizations I was a part of , but the most prestigious honor was The Triple Crown award which was given to exemplary students who were involved in the  high school and furthered themselves and the school through their acheivements.

Study Abroad

I have plans to solidify my knowledge in languages such as Vietnamese and Chinese. I would like to study in the UK, China, or South Korea considering my options in the future.


I have not made a firm decision on what research project I want to be a part of, but I do see myself being involved in a research project relating to the medical field.

Future Endeavors

I am considering the graduate school of Optometry right here at UH.