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2012 Scholars

Troy Loftin

Troy Loftin

Classification: Sophomore
Graduation Year: 2016
College: Class
Major: BFA Playwriting/Dramaturgy
High School: Buna High School
Hometown: Buna, TX

About Me

I'm a pretty casual and, as bad as this may sound, generic guy. I enjoy reading and writing, as well as video games and of course theatre. I came from a small town of about 2500 people, so moving to Houston was a huge change for me. I can say with 100% assurance however that I absolutely love it here. Moving to the “big city” was a great decision and I would recommend it to anyone. I love writing short stories and plays, as you can tell by my major. I won a Halloween short story contest in the Beaumont Enterprise (a regional paper near my hometown) my senior year, which was a nice confidence booster. I look to playwrights like Thornton Wilder and Tennessee Williams, as well as authors like Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck when I work on my pieces. Those few people are my biggest inspirations and they have a tremendous influence on what I write.

Campus and Community Involvement

I'm a part of Club Theatre, the Honors college's theatre club, and it's really fun! If you are the least bit interested in theatre or drama, join us. It's a very welcoming club that loves getting more people involved. I look forward to volunteering around Houston and improving the community.

Awards and Honors

I went to at least the Regional level of UIL every year of high school, State my freshman and senior year, and placed every year. My senior year I placed second in Headline Writing and sixth in Ready Writing at the State level. I was awarded Best Actor at Area competition in UIL One-Act Play my senior year, as well as All-Star Cast at the District and Regional level. I was a HOBY Outstanding Ambassador finalist during the summer of my sophomore year.

Study Abroad

I am currently not taking any language course, but I'm very interested in Italian. I took three years of high school Spanish, however, so I may just continue learning that language. Study abroad is high on my list of things to do. Thanks to the very generous study abroad stipend that the Tier One scholarship allows I will be able to go on at least one study abroad trip, but hopefully I can raise funds to go on more. If I were to go for an extended time, England is the most appealing study abroad location to me right now due to its amazing theatre scene and abundance of artistic influence. The summer of my sophomore year I went on a teacher sponsored trip to France and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Living in a different country for almost two weeks was exhilarating and completely changed my worldview. I'm convinced that a citizen of the 21st century must be knowledgeable about countries that he or she isn't native to, and traveling is the best way to gain that knowledge.


Research has never been something that I actively pursued, but now that I'm at U of H I am going to take advantage of that opportunity. I'm not sure exactly what I will try and dig in to, but theatre history is an interesting and complex issue that I think will prove to be time consuming.

Future Endeavors

After graduation I plan to enter the workforce. As of now, my plans are to join a television station as a writer or to join a theatre company as a playwright-in-residence. Television has always interested me, and I believe that it is a medium with no where to go but forward, so it is only natural that I would want to write for it. A dream I have is to write for Saturday Night Live, but we'll see how that goes. I would also love to write for cartoons, or even create my own. Theatre is more exciting than television, even if only because I won't know where my next meal will come from, and I hope I can make it in the field, but it is very hard to break in to. I'm looking forward to whetting my theatrical appetite over the next four years and deciding what I'd like to do with my life, once and (possibly) for all.