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2012 Scholars

Tri Nguyen

Tri Nguyen

Classification: Sophomore
Graduation Year: 2016
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Major: Computer Science
High School: J Frank Dobie High School
Hometown: Houston, TX

About Me

I’m a very curious person, so I have a lot of different hobbies. I swim, play tennis, and play many musical instruments. I enjoy finding the lighter side of life, always trying to find humor in things. However, when the time calls for it, I can be very analytical and introspective. I’m honestly interested in everything, because I do not want anything to limit my horizons. I want to know about every art, sport, and academic field. I never wish to be ignorant to anything. With all of these varied interests, it is obvious that I would love to go down multiple career paths. I am a Computer Science major, hoping to go into video game programming and development or Computer Animation for large movie studios. It doesn’t stop there however. I am also pursuing a career in Film; I am minoring in Film Studies. I have studied at the New York Film Academy, and regularly shoot many shorts that I submit to contests and festivals. I would also love to create music and apply it to my other careers.

Campus and Community Involvement

I volunteer regularly in the Vietnamese community, such as the Crawfish festival. I also actively volunteer at a school that teaches Vietnamese to children, hoping to spread the culture to the next generation. I am currently part of the Student Video Network. I’m planning on making many shorts with SVN, and plan on submitting them to film festivals. I am also part of VSA where I participate regularly. Oh the more athletic side, I play tennis and swim. I used to be on a national swimming league in which I swam against groups all over the country. I was also part of a Tennis League in which I also played against many people all over the state.

Awards and Honors

I received many honors, such as the Trailblazer Award. I have countless awards in the Debate, Orchestra, Swim, and the National Federation of Music. For Debate, I have been awarded things such as the 2nd place Trophy for Extemporaneous Speaking and  the 3rd place UIL trophy Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking. For the National Federation of Music (in which I play the piano), I achieved such awards such as the Guild National Program Award. I’m also an AP Scholar, and named one of the top 50 scholars in Texas. I was also fortunate enough to be awarded the Honors Great Conversation Scholarship and the Academic Excellence Scholarship.

Study Abroad

I would like to study in Italy or France. I speak Vietnamese, English, and Spanish, so it would be interesting to dive into a world in which I’m not fluent. I would love to explore the culture and art of another country. It is amazing to see the art and music of another culture and how different it is. America is not far from these other countries, but the art style developed so much differently. Studying abroad would expand my perspective on the world.


I’m not sure of what research the Computer Science offers, but I would love to see what more I can explore in that field. It would also be great to research in the Computer Engineering field, looking at the hardware, as opposed to the software.

Future Endeavors

I am a Mechanical Engineering Major, but am changing my major to Computer Science, pursuing a career in either Video Game Programming and Art or CGI Computer Animation. I  am also minoring in Film Studies, pursuing in a career in the film industry, focusing on directing, writing, and editing. I do plan on going to graduate school, but I may dive into the workforce if the time calls for it.