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2012 Scholars

Trevor Walker

Trevor Walker


Classification: Junior
Graduation Year: 2016
College: Cullen College of Engineering
Major: Civil Engineering
High School: McKinney Boyd High School
Hometown: McKinney, TX

About Me

I have lived all my life in north Texas and graduated in the top five percent of McKinney Boyd High School class of 2012. I am currently on the University of Houston Cross Country and Track team and have been running since I was eight years old. I was on varsity for both cross country and track teams for all four years of high school. I participated in many local activities like road races and kickball tournaments for charities. I am an Eagle Scout and enjoy honest, hard work. Working with other people who are enthusiastic about what they do motivates me to better myself.

Campus and Community Involvement

I am in the Honors College and run on the University Cross County and Track team. I enjoy many different sports and play for fun when I get the chance.

Awards and Honors

I was the MVP of my Cross country team my senior year in high school and received various other awards for running over the years. I was in the national honor society and was also awarded the Academic Excellence award all three years. I received a PTO scholarship from the McKinney Education Foundation in addition to the Tier One Scholarship.

Study Abroad

I took three years of Spanish in high school and plan on traveling to Europe to study abroad.


My plans for research are currently undecided.

Future Endeavors

I plan on going to graduate school for a Master’s degree in engineering a few years after I graduate from Houston.