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2012 Scholars

Tiffany Yao

Tiffany Yao

Classification: Sophomore
Graduation Year: 2016
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Major: Electrical Engineering
High School: Dulles High School
Hometown: Missouri, TX

About Me

As a child growing up in the suburbs, my portals to the world outside were books and television. I would read books of any genre, fiction or nonfiction, and it was these books that fired up my passion for swashbuckling adventure worthy of any raconteur’s repertoire of tales. My favorite novels include Jane Eyre and Confessions of Charlotte Doyle because of the strong and inspiring female characters. Disney movies, Nova, and nature shows on channel 8 bestowed in me a love for science and exploration. If someone sees me, I would probably be strolling along a grassy patch, studying the pattern of the bees and singing along to some random tune in my head.

Campus and Community Involvement

During high school, I volunteered as a car washer and a library aide. While I never participated in any school sport, I enjoy biking, swimming, and running on my own. I play the violin and was First Chair in my orchestra. Now, I practice fiddling folk tunes from around the world.

Awards and Honors

I graduated Magna cum laude in high school. Before I received the Tier One Scholarship, I was offered the Academic Excellence Scholarship from UH.

Study Abroad

I took Spanish for four years in high school, and I am currently studying French on my own during my spare time between classes and homework. Europe is the destination I hope to study abroad in one day, for the continent is famed for its incredible depth of culture, history, and scientific and technological breakthroughs.


The new field of limb regeneration is an area of fascination for me. Just as lizards could regrow their tails, imagine how much health benefits humans could reap if they could regrow an arm or a leg damaged in battle or on the job. I am also very intrigued by gene therapy and the fact that with enough knowledge, we can understand and change the destiny written in our DNA.

Future Endeavors

After graduating from UH, I plan to pursue a Master’s Degree in Engineering.